What is the Difference between Hardware and Software

The main difference between hardware and software is that hardware is any physical device, something that can be touched, unlike software, which is a set of code instructions installed in the computer that are executed to fulfill a function, you cannot touch it. physically.

For example, the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are examples of computer hardware. While operating system, office word and internet are examples of software. In other words:

  • Hardware = equipment or devices that you can touch, for example: CPU, hard drive, monitor, cell phone, etc.
  • Software = what runs on the computer, for example: Windows, computer games, word processors, internet browsers, apps, etc.

Hardware and software work together as a complement to provide functionality to the computer. Hardware includes the physical components, such as the motherboard, chips, memory, and hard drives, while software includes the programs that run on the hardware.

Although hardware and software are often associated only with computers, software today runs on mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and others. Both hardware and software are constantly advancing technologically.

Hardware is often the bottleneck when it comes to data transfer speeds, when a software program requires faster speeds to run. Therefore, when you have modern hardware with higher capacity, you can run more robust software programs.

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