Classification of Hardware – All its Types (Computer hardware – Internal and external components)

This post is entitled Hardware Classification , the reader will know through its content the different components that intervene to make a computer work properly, and also the different types that exist. classification of hardware hardware devices

Hardware rating classification of hardware

Hardware is a set of physical parts that make up the complement of computer equipment and make the main activities coordinate with each other, which is an important feature in all equipment.


Its components include the following: main boards, LCD screens, laser printers, USB memory sticks, electronic chips and power cords, as well as many items. classification of hardware

The classification of hardware and software of each computer consists of two basic elements, namely software and hardware, which constitute the functional part of the engine and the computer.

Hardware is the tangible part that can be touched by users, while software refers to the internal part that makes the equipment work, such as applications and programs, it is also the part that is not displayed.

Any computer belonging to computer science requires having the parts that make up the hardware, so that all together involve the processing of information, they are essential elements and that are also useful for all experts in the world of computer science to support each other to achieve good management in your data processing tasks.

In the hardware classification, your devices are classified as follows: classification of hardware

Input devices hardware devices

In this article, hardware classification, input devices are responsible for inputting data, their function is to process incoming information such as texts, recordings and images, and they also have the ability to transfer different files to other computers, in these cases, the keyboard is one of the most used elements.classification of hardware devices

It is important to point out that when it comes to input hardware, they are the ones that are used to enter the computer equipment, and among them are the mouse, keyboard and DVD player.

Processing devices hardware devices

These are the components that manipulate the data, processing is the central function of a computer equipment, it is the phase where the transformation of raw data takes place, which after this process are useful in a certain management, the microprocessor is the main device in this regard .

It contains hardware, such as microprocessors, chipsets and mathematical functions coprocessors. classification of hardware

Output devices hardware components of a computer

It is the hardware units that circulate and present the data and information, the output is when a cycle that begins with the input of raw data and ends with a process of finally displaying the data, among which the storage devices appear. Or cables, printers, plotters, plasma screens.

Memory devices – storage

Refers to devices where information is stored, storage is fragmented into primary and secondary memory, it is also volatile or non-volatile. hardware devices

Primary memory is random input RAM memory, however, it can also be the memory with which all elements of the computer work. classification of hardware

The RAM memory is volatile so it only interrupts the data when the computer is turned on, the secondary memory is so called, because the data stored on the storage media has no communication with the microprocessor.

In the hardware classification, the memory is the vital part, it is composed of several important elements that allow the creation of data, it is also the engine for the equipment to start working, otherwise the computer will not start.

The elementary hardware of computers is made up of four essential parts, such as: the monitor or screen, the CPU, the keyboard and the mouse.

The monitor or screen is the element where everything that is done is visualized, it becomes the means to project all the data that is inserted in it. classification of hardware

Many regard it as the computer’s observation lens, and once activated, you can enjoy running programs and applications.

The keyboard is easy to recognize because it is made up of many keys that allow us to see letters and numbers and the different symbols that we can use in the language, it is a typical means used to transcribe data. hardware components of a computer

The mouse or mouse is a physical element, in addition to allowing certain functions that the keyboard cannot fully perform, it also allows you to select the program you want to open, one or more mice can be displayed on the screen by moving the pointer, which usually appears as an arrow. hardware devices

The CPU or central processing unit is the main element, in which all the main memory of the computer can be obtained, we can also find all the power ports and the remaining ports where other elements of the computer will be placed.


Complementary hardware is the one that is used to perform certain specific actions, however, it is not necessary for a good management of the PC, it is also composed of the parts that are not really necessary, but help in the good development of the functions, since it is the printer that receives data from the computer and then prints it on a sheet of paper, external memories are also complementary devices where information is stored separately from the equipment. classification  of hardware hardware components of a computer

classification of hardware components

Bidirectional hardware hardware components of a computer

In the classification of hardware, bidirectional are those that have the ability to enter information into the equipment and, in turn, access the output, among which are network cards, audio cards.

Mixed hardware classification of hardware

Mixed hardware is classified as follows in flash drives and DVD recorders, they have the function of offering a lot of storage space, in addition to entering and receiving information from the equipment.



Peripherals or devices

In the hardware classification, it will be announced that so-called peripherals or input devices have the essential function of providing input for information, applications and programs.

Output devices are responsible for producing a result from the output data, as is the specific case of writing; the memory has a function that allows to store temporary or perennial data, known as storage, while the CPU is responsible for calculating and producing a data process.

What is a mixed peripheral? hardware devices

It refers to the device that has the ability to perform input and output actions, such as the hard disk, where any kind of data can be written and read. hardware components of a computer

Strictly indispensable data input and output methods, depending on the specific application, from the point of view of the common user, there must be at least one keyboard and one monitor for input and output of information. classification of hardware

However, this does not mean that there cannot be a PC performing a process and that a keyboard or monitor is not needed, as data can still be entered and results obtained, which can be through an acquisition or data output board. .

Computers are electronic machines, which have the ability to decipher and carry out programmed orders stored in their memory, are based on arithmetic and logic and input and output operations.

They are in charge of receiving the information input, processing it and storing it, and as a result the outputs are generated from the data processing.

input peripherals hardware components of a computer

These elements are considered important, as they enable the correct management and operation of computers, including:

  • Keyboard. hardware devices
  • scanner. hardware components of a computer
  • MIC.
  • webcam.
  • Mouse or mouse.
  • Optical barcode readers.
  • Jystick.
  • DC, DVS or BlueRay readers, read-only.
  • Data acquisition or conversion boards.

Device dedicated to the processing function (CPU) classification of hardware hardware components of a computer

The Central Processing Unit CPU, is the main component that has a computer, its function is to decipher and execute different instructions to process information. classification of hardware

In updated equipment, the main function of a CPU is performed by microprocessors, being a structure composed of a single integrated circuit.CPU

The well-known network servers or high performance computing machines can have several microprocessors that work simultaneously or in parallel, this whole set makes up the computer’s CPU. hardware components of a computer

The well-known CPU processing units, which are in the form of a single microprocessor, are installed in personal computers, as well as in different computers that add electronic capability, as different industrial process equipment has, and many other electronic products that are used by the man today.

Where is the microprocessor located?

In computers, the microprocessor is installed on the well-known motherboard, in the part called the CPU socket, it accepts the electrical connections between the circuits on the board and the processor. hardware components of a computer

Also on the base plate is placed a thermal device made of a material of strong thermal conductivity, which is always made of aluminum, sometimes copper.

It is essential to put it in microprocessors that have high energy consumption, which is generated in the form of heat, in certain cases they can consume between 40 and 130 watts like an incandescent lamp. classification of hardware

In high-performance equipment, additional fans can be placed to support air circulation and help extract heat accumulated in the microprocessor, it is a complementary way to eliminate risks caused by thermal effects. classification of hardware

What is Motherboard ? hardware devices

The motherboard, also known as a motherboard, has the form of a large printed circuit that is coupled to the chipset, which are expansion slots, sockets, various integrated circuits, connectors, among many others.classification of hardware devices

The motherboard is the main support where all the components that make up the computer are placed, such as its vital elements such as RAM, microprocessor, expansion cards and many other information input and output devices.

Its main function is to interrelate the components so that the motherboard has a series of buses that transmit information from the internal to the external part of the system through them.

The integration of the motherboard is a very characteristic aspect of a computer, which turns it into a device that contains most of the elementary functions such as: audio, video, network, ports of various types, which used to work with expansion cards.

However, this does not exclude the possibility of installing other cards, such as the special ones for capturing videos, data acquisition cards and others.

What is OEM Hardware – Box – Retail – Refurbished classification of hardware

In this paragraph, we will talk about what each of them means:

OEM hardware classification of hardware

Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM hardware, refers to equipment from the initial manufacturer, they are elaborate devices and that at the time of sale, elements such as the installation disc or manuals are not delivered to the user.

hardware components of a computer OEM hardware
OEM hardware

Hardware box classification of hardware

It refers to devices that are fully packaged and bring their disks to be installed, manuals, licenses and access to technical support and warranty. hardware components of a computer

Hardware Retail hardware devices

This means retail hardware, it refers to the sale of devices in the store, where any user can purchase it. classification of hardware

Refurbished hardware

Refurbished hardware translates to renewed, this type is one that is sold to the end user, however, for any defect in its functioning it is returned, it is sent back to the original manufacturer to be repaired or modified, in this process they put a label that indicates that it has been remanufactured, its price and warranty are small.

Hardware Types

In hardware classification, we will show the types of hardware that can be classified into all elementary types viz.

Essential hardware, they refer to all the devices that are necessary for the proper functioning of a computer, below we start with:


RAM classification of hardware

It is the memory that works by storing temporary information, if it does not exist, there is nowhere to file the data while working with the computer. hardware components of a computer

RAM memory, Random Access Memory, is a random input memory, this type of memory is used in a computer to store information temporarily, or failing that, when activities are carried out in large proportions, data and programs can be stored for a certain time. hardware devices

RAM memory has the ability to work in a computer as main memory, its function is very different from other memories that act as auxiliaries, such as the well-known hard disks among so many other quantities on the market.

Microprocessor classification of hardware

It is responsible for managing the computer’s software and hardware, as well as processing all data, not having this device would render the machine unusable.


ROM memory hardware components of a computer

It is responsible for storing all the elementary data that the computer has, without its presence it would not be possible to know the basic elements that are integrated in the start-up of the equipment. hardware devices

Main card classification of hardware

It is the part that allows the interconnection of the set of internal devices vital for the correct functioning of the computer.

Data output device

It is the part that informs the user that the equipment is performing functions, it is displayed through the screen or monitor, printer, among others. classification of hardware

Data entry device

The data to be processed must be entered into the computer through some method and control such as keyboard, mouse, scanner and others.


The case is the external part that covers your internal devices, however, a computer can run uninterrupted without the physical structure, although it is not recommended as the internal elements must be protected and fixed in a case specially designed for this purpose. hardware components of a computer

Complementary Hardware classification of hardware

It refers to all the parts that can be excluded for the proper functioning of the computer, however they are useful.

Horns classification of hardware

They are elements that have the function of receiving audio signals from the equipment and transforming them into sounds, computer equipment can carry out activities without the need for speakers.

hardware components of a computer Horns



It is responsible for moving the pointer from one side of the screen to the other, there are ways to move it using the keyboard.

We invite you to know in the article below the Keyboard commands. classification of hardware

Hard drive hardware devices

It is believed that it is necessary for a computer to have the ability to function, however an operating system can operate using a DVD or USB memory.

Optical disc player drive hardware components of a computer

Its function is to access to enter the information in the equipment, but it is not necessary, as it can be done by other methods such as hard drives, external or any other external device designed for this function, from the network or through a cable or wireless system.

WebCam classification of hardware

This element is used for communication in the present time and the good functioning of the equipment will not depend on its placement in it.

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AGP video accelerator card classification of hardware

It is used to correct and refine the graphics of a video game, but the equipment can work correctly with the installation of a basic integrated video card. hardware devices

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Hardware Classification

Hardware devices can be classified into four different types:

  1. Input Devices: For raw data input. classification of hardware
  2. Processing Devices: To process raw data instructions into information. hardware components of a computer
  3. Output devices: to spread data and information.
  4. Storage devices: for data and information retention.

Input devices hardware components of a computer

Hardware classification: They are the components that are used to enter raw data. These help feed data such as text, images, and audiovisual recordings. They even help in transferring files between computers. The keyboard is probably the most used input device. hardware devices

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Hardware classification: processing devices classification of hardware

Hardware classification: They are the components that manipulate data into information. Processing is the central function of a computer. It is the stage where raw data is transformed into information. Once the data has been processed, it can be used for useful purposes. The microprocessor is the main device in this category.

Output devices classification of hardware

Computer hardware classification: They are the hardware components that broadcast and display data and information. The output is the culmination of a cycle that begins with raw data input and processing. The monitor is the most popular example in this category of hardware. classification of hardware

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hardware devices Hardware hardware devices classification:Memory/storage devices  classification of hardware

They are the components that retain and store data. Storage is subdivided into primary and secondary memory and is either volatile or non-volatile. hardware components of a computer hardware devices

Primary memory generally refers to random access memory (RAM) but can also refer to all memory that works in conjunction with the processor. RAM is volatile, meaning it only retains data when the computer is turned on. Secondary memory is labeled as such because data stored on secondary storage media (usually disk drives) does not communicate directly with the microprocessor. classification of hardware hardware components of a computer

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