10 most harmful computer viruses

Computer viruses or computer viruses have become more harmful and intrusive in recent years, causing millions in losses worldwide. The 10 most destructive computer viruses are listed below  .

Created by two Filipino programmers. ILOVEYOU is a computer virus that wreaked havoc around the world with millions of people affected.

2) Code Red
Even after installing a computer virus protection system, code red computers were still affected.

3) Melissa
Melissa started out as a Word document computer virus that claimed to have passwords to numerous pornographic websites. When users downloaded the file, the macro inside the file would start working, automatically sending emails to the first 50 members of the mailing list.

4) MyDoom
This virus spreads faster than other viruses. Even antivirus protection does not detect it, it provides unauthorized access to a computer after blocking the network.

5) PoisonIvy
This virus attacks the security of the infected computer. In this way, the attacker was able to control any computer with ease. The attacker can activate the speakers, camera, and other accessories connected to the computer without user notice.

6) Conficker
Conficker is a virus that infects computers running on the Microsoft operating system. The virus was powerful and infected computers in the government and private sectors of many countries.

7) Storm Worm
Storm Worm is a Trojan horse that sent emails with supposed weather reports. Attaching infected files.

8) Zeus
Zeus uses special hidden programs that make his presence difficult to detect. The malware spreads through different phishing and drive-by download schemes.

9) Klez
Klez infects a computer via email. When you open the message, the macro runs in the background and sends automatic emails to everyone on the mailing list. The virus was able to disable the antivirus protection available on the computer.

10) Stuxnet
Stuxnet can be considered as the best example of a virus created with the aim of becoming a cyber warfare weapon to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program.

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