High and Low Level Languages

Low Level Languages

The low – level languages are languages completely oriented to the machine, ie are most approximate to the  “Machine Code” , it is at 0 and 1, and it is necessary to know the hardware solidly. low level programming language examples

The programs resulting from these languages ​​are very small and extremely fast. Examples of these low-level languages ​​are Assembler and Language C. low level programming language examples

High Level Languages 

There is also a second type of programming language, or  “high-level language.” This is distinguished from the first because it has the ability  to express itself in a way analogous to the language of humans.

This means that they are able to represent algorithms in a way that is appropriate to people’s cognitive ability.

The first High-Level programming language that allowed programmers unprecedented flexibility was  Fortran , created in 1957.

This was developed primarily as a  high-level language alternative to assembly language r for programming the  IBM 704 mainframe. high-level language examples

This development made it possible to speed up the programming times of these machines. This must be considered as a true milestone in the history of programming languages, since before Fortran, programs were only developed in assembly language. high-level language examples

These are languages ​​more oriented to the problem you want to solve. This serves so that the programmer has to pay little or no attention to the characteristics of the computer  on which the program will be executed. They can also be used for mobile app development.

The programs resulting from these languages ​​are not that fast. Examples of high-level languages ​​are Delphi, Visual Basic, Pascal, the old Clipper, and Foxpro, among others.

For programs to work, they  need to be translated into machine code. This means that the source code of the program must be transformed into object code) and for that you need a translator or compiler.

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