History of Technology Timeline

Prehistory and technology: from fire and bone to writing

As is written in any history book, the prehistoric period ranges from the appearance of hominids with a certain intelligence to purely agricultural societies and the first written records of events and their experiences. History of Technology Timeline history of electronics history of electronic devices the evolution of technology timeline when was technology introduced

The fact of settling in a certain place to wait for the crops to prosper, and in this way to lay the foundations of larger towns and civilizations, allowed those first men to begin to think of procedures to overcome their own problems related to their area. history of electronics

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From that situation, tools and techniques were born to perfect their farming and hunting methods , which allowed these tiny villages to be better prepared for any of the threats that loomed over them, unfortunately very frequent in those days. history of electronics

With those primitive tools and utensils, many of which are still fundamental to our existence, and which have not changed much, these first men and women managed to overcome the disadvantages and eventually emerge victorious, thereby allowing themselves to be calmer as to dedicate himself to finding a way to document what they had discovered, thus creating writing, the greatest achievement of Humanity of that period.

The Technology of the Ancient Age: From Writing and Science to Cities

It could be said that the Ancient Age is a period that ranges from the appearance of the first agricultural civilizations and writing at the end of prehistory until the year 500 AD, approximately, and characterized by very important technological advances for man such as the wheel, constructions in complex stone, and the development of cuneiform writing and the birth of the concepts of society, in addition to other advances related to military tactics and strategies that allowed it to expand far from its natural borders. history of electronics

However, the greatest advance that could have been obtained in those times is the development of mathematics and science, which were the basis on which subsequent discoveries and advances were based, and which allowed them, along with writing, to leave constancy of their developments and, at the same time, to be able to explain them in a clear and understandable way. when was technology introduced

Technology in the Middle Ages: Gunpowder, paper and knowledge

In this historical period, which spans from the end of the Old Age to the end of the 15th century, some of the most important social and cultural events of Humanity took place, among which are of course a broad technological development, which would lay the foundations a much more advanced technology than before, which among other enabled Europeans landed on American shores. when was technology introduced

Although much of the technology that originated and developed at that time was lost when the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, Constantinople, fell into the hands of the Ottoman Empire, the truth is that we know that at the time there was quite advanced technology in areas such as construction, engineering, mechanics and others, those that were already well attached to the culture of those wise men, so this knowledge was not lost and could be reused in other much later discoveries and developments, such as the printing press.  when was technology introduced history of electronic devices

Technology in the Middle East History of Technology Timeline

Whenever we talk about ancient technology, most of us think of Europe, however, there were many other points on the planet where culture and technology flourished and developed, leaving for Humanity inventions that were also the basis of many of the things we know today. history of electronic devices when was technology introduced

A clear example of this is the culture and technological development in Asia, whose men of science and thinkers left us gunpowder, and also paper, undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of man, since through this material the Humanity was able to begin to share in a much easier way than before all the knowledge that it possessed. history of electronic devices when was technology introduced

history of electronic devices
history of electronic devices

The Middle Ages has left us a lot of technology, which we even use almost unchanged until today, and many of the inventions of that period were implemented so that the knowledge acquired in those times would not be lost forever. Thanks to this, our predecessors were able to find answers and develop new technologies that in turn served to invent other things much more quickly, thanks to the knowledge contained in the pages of books.

Technology in the Modern Age History of Technology Timeline

When Christopher Columbus reached the American shores, the Modern Age was also ending , and a historical period more than interesting in terms of knowledge and wisdom began, the Modern Age. the evolution of technology timeline

The so-called Modern Age is one of the periods of Humanity in which concepts related to knowledge such as scientific thought, the dissemination of discoveries and the development of new technologies had the greatest importance, to such an extent that they allowed to lay the foundations of the so-called Industrial Revolution, since there were important advances in navigation, with ships that could travel the seas without being an epic adventure, the compound microscope, which allowed a very important advance in science, the mercury thermometer, the lightning rod and many other inventions , However, the most important invention of all was the steam engine, which meant a total change in the ways in which things were done and produced. the evolution of technology timeline

As important as the steam engines were the important social changes that occurred in those years, such as the advent of the capitalist system, which replaced another social system called feudalism, and which clung so tightly to the social fabric that it was no longer possible. detach it, but nevertheless it was fundamental for the growth and implementation of technology in all areas the evolution of technology timeline

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