How an Antivirus Works

Basically, an Antivirus works in the following way: purpose of antivirus how does antivirus software work

  • It inspects (Scan) all the emails that are received on the computer and looks for viruses to remove that could be hidden between our documents and the structure of folders and programs. purpose of antivirus
  • Monitors computer files as they are opened or created to ensure they are not infected. This is a real-time protection against viruses , which can affect the performance of the computer.
  • Periodically inspect the entire computer to verify that there are corrupt files and remove existing viruses , in case they may have entered our PC. How an Antivirus Works how does antivirus software work

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Limitations How an Antivirus Works

Antivirus programs, despite being very carefully developed and offering more and more functionalities, also have certain limitations when it comes to keeping our computer safe , although nowadays it is already very common for this type of program to incorporate other types of characteristics. that allow them to expand the security they offer. How an Antivirus Works

That is why, when selecting an antivirus, we must bear in mind some of the tasks that basic program does not perform.

Here are some examples:

  • They do not prevent Spam, which must be removed with specific Anti-Spam software.
  • They do not prevent direct attacks from a hacker on the computer. How an Antivirus Works
  • They do not prevent criminal activities online. The antivirus is not capable by itself of preventing these actions.

Cautions to be taken with the antivirus

Despite the limitations, we should never stop it’s operation because it will leave the computer much more exposed to external attacks. In the same way, if we do not update it with the latest virus lists available on the internet, the software will become practically useless, since it will not be able to detect or remove the most recent viruses. How an Antivirus Works

When a new virus is created, software companies analyze its characteristics, the way to remove the virus (if possible) and update the database with this information so that this can easily detect threats .

Advantages and disadvantages

At this point the advantages of having an antivirus installed on the computer are obvious, since they allow us to have a level of protection against malware and other external threats, which would otherwise access our PC and wreak havoc. How an Antivirus Works

As for the disadvantages, having it installed on the PC almost always means that our computer slows down a little more than necessary, that is, it works slower than it should.

This is mainly due to the fact that these programs use a lot of system resources. A general rule of thumb in this regard is that the more functions this program provides, the more resources such as RAM and CPU cycles it will use. How an Antivirus Works

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