How are keyboards classified

Keyboards are classified according to their physical form in:

  • 83-Key XT Keyboard: Used on the PC XT (8086/88).
  • AT 83-Key Keyboard: Used with AT PCs (286/386).
  • 101/102 key expanded keyboard: It is the current keyboard, with a greater number of keys.
  • Ergonomic type: Designed to give greater comfort to the user, helping him to have a more relaxed position of the arms.
  • Multimedia keyboard: Adds special keys that call some programs on the computer, as a direct access, such as the email program, the calculator, the multimedia player.
  • Wireless keyboard. They are usually common keyboards where communication between the computer and the peripheral is carried out through infrared rays, radio waves or via bluetooth.
  • According to the technology of their keys , keyboards are classified as:
  • Rubber dome keyboards.
  • Membrane keyboards.
  • Capacitive keyboards.
  • Metal contact keyboards.
  • Braille keyboards. Used by blind people.

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