How are printers classified

How are printers classified: It takes into account the presentation and contrast quality of the printed characters. The printers are classified, according to this aspect in:

  • Normal printers: Such as line, wheel and thermal printers.
  • Semi-quality printers. Like some dot matrix printers.
  • Quality printers: Such as daisy chain printers and laser printers.

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Foundation of the printing system:

There are printers that perform printing by impact of hammers or mechanical moving parts, and others without mechanical impact.

The foundation of impact printers is similar to that of typewriters.

An inked ribbon slides over the surface of the line to be printed on the paper, and in front of it passes a metal piece where the set of printing types is molded. When the type passes to record on its position on the paper, a hammer is fired that hits the tape against the paper, leaving the character in question printed in ink on the paper. In other impact printers each character is created by firing certain metal pins that make up the character with a set of dots.

How are printers classified: Impact printers are very noisy and have traditionally been the most widely used. Among them are wheel, ball, daisy, matrix, cylinder, chain printers…



Non-impact printers form characters without the need for mechanical shocks and use other physical principles to transfer images to paper. Printers without impact are thermal, inkjet, laser printers…

How to print the characters:
How are printers classified: Regarding this aspect, the printers can be classified into:

  • Character printers.
  • Line printers.
  • Page printers.

How are printers classified: They print by means of a head that writes the line character by character. The head moves along the line that is being printed, only from left to right (unidirectional printers) or, to achieve greater speed, from left to right and from right to left successively (bidirectional printers).

Line printers.
In these printers, all or several of the characters corresponding to a printing line are printed simultaneously.



Page printers.
This includes a group of printers that act much like photocopying machines. They are characterized by containing a rotating drum where the image of the page to be printed is formed with ink or special powder (toner). This image, by contact and a fixing process, is transferred to the paper.

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