How To Clean A Fish Tank? And Supplies To Maintain Fish Tanks

We express that how to clean a fish tank? And supplies to maintain fish tanks. Fish tanks are deposits made of glass and are generally transparent, where fish and other aquatic animals live. It’s not just about filling it with water, the right supplies will keep your fish tank clean and natural, and your fish will be healthy and happy.

Below are the supplies for maintaining a fish tank with healthy fish:

  • Filter : A fish tank requires a filter. First, it turns off the electricity supplied to the fish tank. Remove the filter and the water pump. Wash the filter and pump in the sink and clean them with a sponge. Clean the filter until the water comes out clean and if it is not in good condition change it. Rinse the inlet and outlet of the pump to remove any obstacles. Replace the filter and pump.
  • Water heater and thermometer : Water heaters and thermometers are an important part of a fish tank. Heaters should be periodically checked by an electrician. Thermometers can be cleaned with hot water.
  • Hydrometer : The hydrometer is a device that measures the density and specific salinity of the water in the tank. There are generally two basic types of hydrometer: floating hydrometer and rotary hydrometer. The hydrometer must be cleaned properly with hot water before use to check the temperature, otherwise it may display incorrectly.
  • Gravel Maintenance : Do not allow leftover food to decompose on gravel. Always try to remove it instantly with a net or siphon.
  • Fish Tank Lighting : Don’t turn off the fish tank lights all day. This can cause green algae to overgrow. Check that the light bulb or lamp is working correctly. Replace them if necessary.
  • Rocks, corals and decorations : Rocks, corals and decorations are a little more difficult to clean in a fish tank. They are always surrounded by algae. You can clean them by using bleach.

Below is a schedule for maintaining a fish tank. Daily maintenance:

  • Check that all the teams are working.
  • Feed the fish at least twice a day.
  • Check the operation of the filters.
  • Remove leaves from decaying plants, dead fish, or leftover food.
  • Observe the fish so that you detect any disease.

Monthly maintenance:

  • At least 20% of the water in the tank should be changed.
  • Check the PH of the water regularly and adjust it.
  • Change the filters if necessary or because they are damaged.
  • Remove green algae from the fish tank.
  • Clean the front glass properly.

Annual maintenance:

  • Clean the magnetic holder on the outside of the fish tank.

The above information explains how to clean and maintain the fish supplies in your fish tank. This is very necessary to keep your small aquarium clean.


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