How to Prevent Ransomware Attack

The first rule that we have to put into practice to avoid problems with Ransomware is to take special care, when browsing the Internet, not to access sites that seem suspicious due to being too similar to known sites, for example. When a site seems suspicious for any reason, it is quite likely that it is indeed dangerous because it hosts malware such as Ransomware. How to Prevent Ransomware Attack ransomware attack solution ransomware attack prevention how to avoid ransomware attack how to recover from ransomware attack

Another very important consideration to take into account is to use a good updated antivirus. It is also necessary to periodically update all the applications that we use on the computer, including the browser, the operating system and any other tool that we use to connect or download content from the network, such as eMule or uTorrent . It is also very important to never install software from sources that we cannot trust, as they may be modified to host malware. How to Pre vent Ransomware Attack ransomware attack solution ransomware attack prevention how to avoid ransomware attack

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On the other hand, always having a copy or backup of all the documents that we have stored on the PC at hand is a strategy that can save us a lot of time and anguish, since in case of problems, we can always format the computer and store it again. the documents in it, this time clean of malware and threats.

How to get rid of Ransomware How to Prevent Ransomware Attack

Despite how complicated it is to work, removing a Ransomware from our PC is a task that does not require much knowledge or a lot of time, which we can even carry out by modifying some registry values ​​and deleting some files related to the installed Ransomware. How to Prevent Ransomware Attack ransomware attack solution how to avoid ransomware attack

However, to save all the time that this would take us, we can always use a good antivirus such as the Windows Security Center, Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG, updated and in good condition, that is, without being infected. In the case of suspecting that our antivirus software is infected, we can always resort to the so-called online antivirus, that is, those that can analyze our PC in search of viruses without having to install them on our system. How to Prevent Ransomware Attack how to recover from ransomware attack

It might also be necessary to use a Ransomware removal tool specifically designed for this purpose. In this scenario, we can count on the help of However, it could be pertinent to use a tool expressly designed for this purpose, such as PoliFix, a free application to remove Ransomware that is capable of detecting and eliminating, among other Ransomware, the so-called “police virus” , including its variants of the Spanish, Argentine, German, Belgian, French, Dutch, Italian, English and Swiss police. PoliFix is ​​available for free.

The most famous Ransomware viruses 

Without a doubt, the most famous Ransomware is known as “Police virus”, known in the technical field as Reveton. Basically, this Ransomware displays a message supposedly coming from a security agency, warning the user that their “illegal activities” have been discovered, blocking access to the files on their PC. To release their files, the user must pay a ransom, most of the time bound by the very serious accusations to which they are subjected, almost always false. How to Prevent Ransomware Attack ransomware attack prevention how to recover from ransomware attack

Another very famous ransomware is CryptoLocker , which is very difficult to combat because the 2048-bit RSA keys used to lock user files are too long. To recover the files of their property, the user must pay in bitcoins within three days. Fortunately, the creator of CryptoLocker, a Russian named Evgeniy Bogachev, was arrested, but until that moment he had made more than three million dollars with this action. How to Prevent Ransomware Attack

In the case of WannaCry, another important and famous Ransomware, no unscrupulous developer wanting to make easy money had nothing to do with it, as it is a development of the United States’ arsenal of malware . This Ransomware attacks Windows computers that have not been properly updated, and has already caused hundreds of billions of dollars in losses, including Russia with its traffic light and subway system, health centers in England and large telecommunications companies in Spain. and the United States. How to Prevent Ransomware Attack

Mamba is another very famous Ransomware, but not because it has an interesting story behind it, but because of its inordinate danger. This ransomware is of the full disk encryption type, much more complicated to resolve than point file locking systems. How to Prevent Ransomware Attack

In addition, to get the key to unlock the disk, it is necessary to contact the hijackers using an email address provided with the Ransomware.

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