How to Remove Trojan

Step 1

Download and install an updated antivirus. In this link you will find  the best free antivirus . You will also find instructions to install and configure them to be able to navigate and perform our tasks with the maximum possible security. How to Remove Trojan trojan remover full best free trojan remover

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In that post many antivirus applications are mentioned,  perhaps the most recommended being Avast Antivirus.

Another solid candidate is Windows Defender, which is also integrated into Windows, so the use of system resources is minimal. How to Remove Trojan

Step 2

Disconnect from the internet  whether you use an ADSL modem, a network card or a Wi-Fi card.

Step 3

Open your internet browser and clear  the cache and cookies. trojan remover full

To delete cookies in Internet Explorer, follow these steps:  “Tools> Internet Options”.

Then, in the “General” tab choose  “Delete Cookies”.  The system will ask us if  “Do you want to delete all cookies in the temporary internet files folder?”  Click ” OK”. How to Remove Trojan

To clear the cache in Internet Explorer complete the following steps:  “Tools> Internet Options”. Then, in the “General” tab, choose  “Delete Files”.

Make sure you’ve checked the box that says  “Delete all offline content . ” Click on ” OK.”

Step 4

Restart the computer in “Safe Mode”. For this, as soon as you see the Windows logo, when it starts up, you must press  F8  and choose “Start Safe Mode” within the operating system optionsHow to Remove Trojan

Step 5

It is convenient that if you are using a modern version of Windows, you disable the System Restore or the  “System Restore”. How to Remove Trojan best free trojan remover

Sometimes  viruses can hide files in System Restore  in which case, turning off the restore enables the antivirus to effectively remove those files.

Keep in mind that disabling System Restore loses previous restore points .

This means that you will not have the option of restoring the system to a previous date when the system was working normally.

Step 6

At this point  do a full scan of the computer.  This may take some time (it depends on how much information you have on your computer for the antivirus to check). Be patient and give the program time to do its work.

Step 7

If you see that the antivirus has problems to remove a virus you have to run MSCONFIG.

Once this is done, you will have to find which  program that is loaded with the startup of the operating system  is responsible for loading the infected file. How to Remove Trojan

Finding an infected executable at Windows startup is simple, it is only necessary to remember the function that each one of them fulfills.

If you find a program that you don’t know what it is, disable it and give it a try.

Step 8

After all viruses have been quarantined or removed, restart the PC. Then connect to the internet and run Windows Update to download those updates that are recommended for your computer.

Some tips to keep viruses away from your computer How to Remove Trojan

  • Do not open the attachments that come with the email , unless you are absolutely sure that they are not infected. Even emails from people you know can contain viruses, so be vigilant.
  • Stay away from dubious content websites.
  • Be careful when you  download things using P2P (Peer to Peer) file sharing programs . Always scan downloaded files before opening them. How to Remove Trojan
  • Keeps Microsoft  Windows up-to-date through Windows Update.
  • Keep your  antivirus updated and do periodic scans.
  • Install a Firewall  (or Firewall in Spanish). The Firewall is a security device that works between networks, allowing or denying transmissions from one network to another.
  • Do not install any program unless you know who its developer is . When in doubt, Google the name of the program. How to Remove Trojan
  • Change Internet Explorer to a more secure browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox

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