What are the main HTML tags


<p> This is a text </p> We write <p> before the text and </p> to end the paragraph.


<a href=»http://www.nombredominio.com» target=»_blank»> link name</a>

You must change ‘www.domainname.com’ to the chosen domain and ‘Link Name’ to the name you want.

Image without link:

<img src=”http://www.domain.com/image.gif” alt=”image description”>

We change ‘www.domain.com/image.gif’ to the URL of the chosen image and ‘image description’ to the desired comments.

Image with link:

<a href=»http://www.dominio.com» target=»_blank»> <img src=»http://www.dominio.com/imagen.gif» alt=»image description»></a>

We make the changes mentioned above.


<a href=»mailto:[email protected]»> contact me </a>

We replace ‘[email protected]’ with the real email address and ‘Contact me’ with the text we want.

Align to the left:

<div align=”left”> Text aligned to the left. </div>

We write <div align=”left”> before the text that we will align to the left and end the text with </div>.


<div align=»center»>centered text </div>

We act in a similar way to the previous section.

To align to the right:

<div align=”right”>Text aligned to the left </div>

We act in a similar way to the previous section.

line break

<br> o <br />

If we want to insert a blank line we will write <br> or <br />

Font: <font face=”verdana”>Text written in verdana </font>

We use <font face=”verdana”> before the chosen text and end with </font>.

Bold font:


We act in a similar way to the previous case and the cases that follow.


<em>Text </em>

Underlined text

<u>Underlined text </u>

It is not recommended to use this tag since web surfers may confuse the underline with a link to another page.

Letter size:

<font size=»3″>Text </font>


<sub>Número2 </sub>


<sup>Número2 </sup>

Font color:

<font color=»blue»>blue colored text</font>

We write <font color=”blue”> if we have chosen the blue color and we finish with </font>.

We can also use the following format:

<font face=»Arial» size=»3″ color=»navy»> Text written in arial, size 3 and navy blue color. </font>

Board Color:

<td bgcolor=»white»> </td>

Table Width:

<td width=»750″> </td>

Table Top Fit:

<tr valign=»top»> </tr>

Remove the separation between the columns and rows of the table, thickness and separation text and border of the cell:

<table width=»750″ CELLSPACING=»0″ CELLPADDING=»0″ BORDER=»0″> </table>

Wallpaper color:

<body bgcolor=»white»></body>

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