What is a hyperlink? Definition and Types


A hyperlink is a word, phrase, or image that you can click to jump to another part of the document or to another page in a web browser. Hyperlinks, simply called “links,” are common on web pages, but can be found in hypertext documents. For example, the word cavsi  is a hyperlink pointing to https://www.cavsi.com, the home page of this website (cavsi). An example of hyperlinks in documents is the tables of contents used in Microsoft Word.

What are hyperlinks for?

Hyperlinks allow a document or web page to connect to other parts of the same document, to other web pages, or to other sites on the Internet. Hyperlinks are used for people to browse or search for information quickly and organized.

How to use a hyperlink?

To use a hyperlink, you just have to click on it, this activates the command that jumps within the same document or loads the destination document.

Types of hyperlinks

There are four main types of hyperlinks that you can insert into your document.

Allows you to connect to an external document, including excel, word, pdf documents, web pages, links to videos, music, etc.

Internal (within the same document)
You can link to specific areas of a document by creating bookmarks and jump to that part using links.

Lets you link to an external file stored on your computer, external hard drive, or on the Internet.

You can include links to an email address. When a person clicks on an email link, the default email client opens and a new message is automatically created.

How can I click on a link without using a mouse?

You can click on a hyperlink without using the mouse, for this you need to use the Space bar on the keyboard on a computer or using your fingers on a touch screen, tablet smart device.

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