Industry Sector Examples

We explain Industry Sector examples. An industry is all the infrastructure that exists to create a specific product , which can be oil, or fertilizers, or food, or carbonated beverages, or many others so varied that they satisfy needs . For an industry to exist, there must be at least one plant destined to convert raw materials into product. A plant is the set of equipment , processes and resources that transform materials into something finished and that can be sold.

A single company dedicated to the creation of bottled fruit juices, for example, may have several plants in the same city or even spread across the country. It would be competing with other different companies, which have their own plants, to satisfy the demand for fruit juices of the consuming people, because they all produce fruit juices and these must be sold. Because that’s what an industry is all about: producing to sell .

All these companies together would be in the food industry , and more specifically, in the fruit juice industry . Similarly, all companies that produce plastics fall into the polymer industry , and all companies that produce drugs or drugs fall into the category of the pharmaceutical industry . At present, industries are also engaged in the provision of some service such as the transfer of goods and the transport of people.

Start of industries

In 1769, James Watt patented the steam engine in England and from the end of the 18th century the world underwent a radical change. Thus began the so-called Industrial Revolution . Its use in different industries demonstrated its ability to produce in large quantities and with its principle steam ships and steam railways were subsequently developed. This would lead to the streamlining of all processes to supply a market that was expanding.

Types of industries

Industries are classified according to what they produce and offer, into product industries and service industries . The most specific ones are derived from these two fundamental types, intended for each type of product and each type of service, respectively. They can be broken down as follows:

  • Oil industry
  • Food industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Railway industry
  • Transformation industry
  • Mining industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Radio and television industry
  • Hotel industry
  • Restaurant industry
  • Editorial industry

Examples of industries

  1. Oil industry
  2. Food industry
  3. Automotive industry
  4. Railway industry
  5. Transformation industry
  6. Mining industry
  7. Chemical industry
  8. Radio and television industry
  9. Hotel industry
  10. Restaurant industry
  11. Editorial industry
  12. Metallurgical industry
  13. Steel industry
  14. Pharmaceutical industry
  15. Flour industry
  16. Communications industry
  17. Paper industry
  18. Polymer industry
  19. Wood industry
  20. Forage industry
  21. Coffee industry
  22. Chocolate industry
  23. Sugar industry
  24. Refreshment industry
  25. Cleaning industry
  26. Dairy industry
  27. Oil industry
  28. Cement industry
  29. Aeronautical industry
  30. Dairy industry

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