Java Course

One subject, two teachers and one goal: Achieve incredible results in just one month of study!

Now you can learn Java definitively in a short time with the intensive Java Barcelona course.

This summer we have had an edition of the course with our teachers Eduard and Marta, who have accompanied our students this July in the adventure of learning to program Java. As of September we offer you new courses so that you can definitively learn how to develop in Java

The success of this training has been resounding and has aroused great interest among the participants.

Java has as many admirers as it does detractors, but one thing is for sure: As much as it has been criticized to this day, it is one of the most useful programming languages ​​you can learn.

Why Java?

The Java Barcelona Course has become one of the most demanded within the programming courses, since there is a special relationship between Barcelona and Java.

Barcelona is precisely the capital in which the very important MWC Barcelona Mobile World Congress is held annually, an unmissable event for those interested in communications and the latest technologies where all the latest developments in the sector are shown. This initiative was born with the aim of turning Barcelona into an international benchmark.

In this latest edition, the expectation was served by the surprising functionalities of small gadgets or devices whose purpose is to generate practical experiences that take mobility to another level and allow access to the right information at the right time.

And within these trends, which we have been able to see first-hand in Barcelona, ​​there are several that after a while have already stood out above the rest: smartwatches or smart watches and the possibility of expanding the field of action of these gadgets to clothing dress, for example.

These gadgets, which are being implemented in our daily lives -especially in fields such as running as monitoring accessories- share the same characteristic: the Android programming language.

But, what requirement is mandatory to learn Android? You guessed it! Java! Here is the relationship between Java, Barcelona, ​​and why it is interesting for you to take a Java Barcelona Course, which we have turned into solid training that you can take all year round in our facilities.

What advantages does this Java course bring you?

The Java Barcelona course is a unique opportunity to learn in an entertaining way. It has a face-to-face, intensive and above all very practical methodology. Think that this programming language, as you have seen, is the basis for creating the applications of the future.

Since the future seems to be dominated by Android and Java goes hand in hand with it, doesn’t it seem logical to you to invest in an intensive Java Barcelona course that allows you to access both languages? In addition, it is only necessary to take a virtual tour of employment pages in Barcelona to verify the real demand for jobs in the city for Java programmers.

In any case, Java remains a solid language that has stood its ground and is still very much alive in the programming landscape. Today Java is present in more than three billion mobile devices.

Although you may not be aware of it, you use Java on more occasions than you imagine, and not only in games like Minecraft. If you use download managers, for example, there is a good chance that you will do so thanks to Java. If you go to pages like the Treasury or Social Security and you are going to do some management, you are going to use Java with the option of certificates or digital signatures.

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