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Because… Who hasn’t tried to learn to program on their own and has wasted hours and hours in front of the screen to end up thinking “I’m-not-good-for-this? Are all of us who are dedicated to programming extremely bright minds as opposed to what we think of ourselves when we try to learn programming from scratch online without success?

Moreover, is it possible to learn programming from scratch even if we have tried it on other occasions on the Internet and we have ended up resigned?

You can also learn programming from scratch with our face-to-face method. Self-esteem assured!

Today there are several systems to learn programming: from free courses in .pdf to interactive pages. The curious thing is that the statistics show that 95% of the students who start a Mooc (open and free online course almost always taught by Universities) end up abandoning it before finishing it… and that they are free courses and enjoy the reputation of the centers and universities that teach them.

What is going on here then? It’s actually easy to understand: free courses are very tempting, but they don’t “force” you to improve yourself. It really takes great discipline to take advantage of them. In addition, there is an added problem that is often annoying: the courses are good, but the study plan often consists of watching videos and commenting on the forums.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of students end up abandoning their intention to learn to program, with low self-esteem and thinking that they are useless. The solution is to learn programming from scratch in a face-to-face center where they can attend you individually .

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Learn to program from 0!

We are clear that  we can get you to learn to program.  In our  Academy we have been helping students and training excellent programmers for 30 years. We have a face-to-face method to learn programming from scratch, perfect for the computer field, in which it is essential to combine a lot of practice with a good study base.

In addition, we offer you a very wide range of programming courses that you can take to learn programming from scratch and at your own pace:

  • If you want to learn to program to develop mobile Apps, we recommend that you start with our Java course, since object-oriented programming is necessary and very useful in this field. Once you master Java you can start with Android.
  • If what you would like is to learn to program Web, your itinerary will be a little different: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, and PHP (in that order) is the most suitable for you.
  • And if you want more, you can choose to study development environments such as Visual C#.NET or Visual Basic.NET, for example, although you still have more courses that you can consult in the  Programming Courses section .

Programming means organizing and implementing correctly as well as solving problems, and this can only be achieved through constant practice. The advantage you will have by training at CIPSA is that our face-to-face system for learning programming from scratch gives you the autonomy you need to study at your own pace and combines it with the most modern facilities in the heart of Barcelona.

In addition, we have expert teachers and competent staff who will listen to you and advise you on whatever you need, so that you never have the feeling that you have been left “alone in the face of danger”.

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