How to make a web page

Now we will see in simple steps how to make your first page or Internet website; this will not take you more than a couple of minutes. The first thing we will need is for you to locate the notepad on your computer. You find it in the “accessories” section, going from start, to “all programs”. It is essential that you use this accessory and not a traditional word processor, as these add codes to the resulting text that are not compatible with the Internet.

Step 1 – Copy the code below and paste it into notepad.

<title>My first web page</title>
I’m learning how to make a web page.<br>
Apparently it’s not complicated. This is already my second line of text.

Step 2 – Change the content of the Internet page (if you wish, skip this step to see how the page looks without modifications and then repeat everything going through here). To do this, first modify the title, which is the text between <title> and </title>. It then modifies the content of the page by modifying the text between <body> and </body>. The thing that says <br> is to change lines, as you may have noticed, and you can use it as many times as you want. In any case, since it is your first page, you have only made minor modifications to test how the result looks. Now you may be wondering, what are those groups of letters wrapped in < >? These are called TAGS, and they are commands of the HTML language, which is the one used to create Internet pages. Do not worry,

Step 3 – Save the content of your website, with the name “testpage.html”, in a directory that you can easily find later. Now download the notepad (without closing it so that you can continue experimenting later) and from the “My Computer” icon or from the file explorer, get to the place where you have saved your file. Double click on it to open it and you will see that the Internet explorer opens, showing your web page. This happens because the extension of the file you saved ends in html, which windows recognizes as a website.

Done, you have graduated from the basic tutorial on how to make a page on the Internet. It’s not complicated, right? Over time, you can learn to use more tags, like <br> and </br>. Everything you enclose between these tags will be bold or highlighted. Whatever is between the <p align=”justify”> and </p> tags will be seen on the web page as justified text, just as it is used on the site you are currently visiting. There are many tags, but take it easy and learn by doing small tests.

Step 4 – Now you know how to make a web page, but it is still only on your computer. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can sign up with a free site hosting provider (for example Yahoo geocities) and publish your web page so that it is available to everyone through the Internet. Later you may want to use special programs to create websites such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver, but the basics have already been learned. And it might be all you need to make a personal or hobby-themed website.

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