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Earning money with youtube is a dream come true for thousands of internet enthusiasts and bloggers, as well as for many companies looking for potential customers . And it is that more and more this social network dedicated to sharing videos is becoming an interesting resource to get extra money.

There are two different ways to earn money with youtube

  • At a commercial level: Using YouTube as a marketing tool for a company . Youtube is an international virtual showcase that has a very low cost but nonetheless enjoys a huge visual impact.
  • On a personal level: It is about making money with YouTube thanks to your own talent . At this level, the idea could not be (in theory) simpler: to provide content that is liked and gets many visits. And it is that it is not necessary more than to go around the site to be able to contemplate at a glance the most viral videos and with the most daily visits. We have an impressive example of how to make money with YouTube with the YouTuber “Hello Soy German”, who earns a whopping 2 million dollars approximately a year by posting his videos on the Internet.

But let’s get to the point… How to make money with YouTube?

Well, on a commercial level with the promotion of the products that interest us to achieve an increase in sales, and on a personal level on YouTube, money is earned with the magic word: ADVERTISING.

To earn money on YouTube you will need many people to enter and watch your videos, although it is also very important to get enough interest so that they subscribe to your channel, since that is when you will be able to benefit from sponsors who will pay you for your talent .

The truth is that although you have already seen that you can earn money with YouTube, it would not be fair to tell you that anyone can get the amount of tickets that “Hello Soy Germán” gets. It is important to maintain realistic expectations of what you can aspire to achieve and what you can contribute to achieve your goals.

One thing is clear: if you really want to earn money with YouTube, you should become a good professional and present your work with the utmost perfection, paying maximum attention to detail.

To make money with youtube you will need to develop a strategy in which you work on an initial idea, investigate it and debug it. And also be aware that if you do not want to outsource services you need to learn to carry out your idea and at the same time invest in a minimum equipment that allows you to make recordings with the quality you need.

For you, who may be considering trying your luck and getting started in the world of YouTube, we present some suggestions for courses that can help you:

  • We will start our selection with the Personal Branding Course because you need to stand out from the competition by creating your own brand that differentiates you. This course is perfect for you to get started in the whole process and will also allow you to create your own land page where you can present yourself socially.
  • The next step in the itinerary to become youtubers could be the Youtube Marketing Course . This course will provide you with all the tricks and shortcuts to enter the network safely and successfully.
  • And if you would like to be able to do spectacular 3D typographic effects on your own, we encourage you to get started in 3d studio Max with the 3d Studio Course 

With all these resources the idea of ​​earning money with youtube will be a little easier for you. We wish you the best of luck! (And remember us when you’re famous)

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