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On the one hand, we offer a professional video game master’s degree that will start on September 21. This specialized training is designed  to meet the needs of those students who want a comprehensive training in which they learn the concepts necessary to be able to work in the future in the game design and programming sector in one go.

Apart from this attractive option, we have another very different but equally attractive one: that each student specializes in the module they most need.

Option 1: Video Games Master

The VIDEOGAMES MASTER, as we have mentioned before, is a training itinerary, made up of several modules that aims to provide the necessary knowledge for all students who want to dedicate themselves professionally to video game programming.

It consists of two different parts: master classes with a specialist teacher active in the world of video game creation and a second part with supervised practical classes.

At the end of the video game master’s classes, the supervised internship period will begin in which the student will actively participate in the process of creating a real video game, having 120 hours of internships to complete.

Option 2: Specialization courses

For all those students who do not wish to complete the full video game master’s degree, either due to lack of time or because they already have prior knowledge and only need to learn specific modules, we also propose participating in the itinerary of professional courses in digital game creation and design through the completion of specific modules as SPECIALIZATION COURSES

The SPECIALIZATION COURSES will consist of an open class programming course plus 3 master class courses, in a predefined schedule and calendar.

The teaching offer will be successively expanded as the appearance of new programs or new updates make it interesting to incorporate them into our educational offer.

At the end of each of these courses, the center will deliver a diploma certifying the completion and level of achievement of the same and will make available to the student the different certification options by the software manufacturers or the different certifying institutions or the manufacturers themselves. of the software.

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