Mathematical examples in everyday life

The mathematics in everyday life , are displayed through different processes or activities we do routinely, such as shopping ; study; to work; to cook; eat ; build a model or a house; among many others. In one way or another mathematics , through different sub-areas: Statistics, Geometry, Calculus, Algebra , among others, are present in everything we do and observe, in nature , in music and in the universe itself.

Mathematical examples in everyday life

Many examples that illustrate the use of mathematics, we can cite:

  1. From the percentages of gases that exist in the air we breathe.
  2. The way the planets move.
  3. The probabilities that a certain face of a die is the one that appears;
  4. how an epidemic grows.
  5. determine the age of a fossil .

Furthermore, simple examples , where we have mathematics in mind in everyday life :

  1. Deliver an inheritance, a cake or a pizza
  2. measure a child’s height or weight
  3. measure body temperature or heart rate
  4. calculate the portions of ingredients, to make a cake
  5. cut out a pattern for a dress or pants
  6. tune in the radio
  7. calculate the area of our house
  8. simply count the money we spend or have left on a grocery purchase.

All these examples are a minimal sample of the presence of mathematics in everyday life . Next, we learn a little more in depth and analyze some examples of mathematics ; that are fundamental to life and the planet.

Other examples show mathematics in what surrounds us

Let us detail some examples, where we visualize how mathematics is present in our daily lives, at the MACRO level, like the universe or; micro, in the cells of the human body:

  1. The universe is governed by a series of complex calculations that keep all the planets and stars in continuous motion; but at the same time in an established order so specific that observers can determine with millimeter precision the place where a certain star or planet will be at a specific time and day. This is only possible, thanks to the fact that mathematics governs all movements on the earth and the universe , because if it had been arbitrarily long ago that the universe would have exploded completely; because all the bodies inside it would collide and explode.
  2. The air we breathe is also governed in a certain sense by mathematics, since the percentages of gases that make it up are in perfect balance; which allows the body to obtain the amounts of oxygen necessary for life. In addition, an excess of oxygen would cause the matter to be highly flammable. This implies that the perfect amounts of these compounds exist naturally and; an ideal mixture to avoid extremes in the environment, which can lead to the collapse or the end of life on earth.
  3. In our body, we can determine how cells multiply under mathematical equations; In particular, the number of red blood cells can be counted ; targets and platelets through microscopic analysis. Likewise, quantitative data on cancer cells will be reported , if applicable; with more precision devices used in the laboratory.
  4. Even in chance there is mathematics, because in reality everything is quantifiable through calculations, more or less complex depending on the variables that may exist in each case. These variables are actually mathematical particles that influence even the probabilities.

These are just some examples , but they serve to see how mathematics is in everyday life.

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