Nuclear power plants in Spain

A nuclear power plant is a fixed installation whose main function is the generation of energy through a nuclear reactor. In Spain, a total of 5 nuclear power plants are currently operating , located in different locations. In two of them there are two reactors, so the total number of nuclear reactors in Spain is 7 and, between them, they have an installed electrical power of 7,398.77 Megawatts (MW).

Almaraz nuclear power plant

The Almaraz nuclear power plant is located in the municipality of Almaraz (Cáceres) , in the Campo Arañuelo region. It is a PWR type power plant and its owners are Iberdrola Generación Nuclear, SA (52.7%), ENDESA Generación, SA (36.0%), Naturgy Energy Group, SA (11.3%), together they form the company called Almaraz-Trillo Nuclear Power Plants.

This nuclear power plant is cooled by the Tagus River with an open circuit cooling system to the Arrocampo reservoir and, in addition, it has exactly two reactors:

  • Alamaraz I, began commercial exploitation in 1983 and has an electrical power (MW) of 1,049.40 (MW).
  • Almaraz II, began commercial exploitation in 1984 and has an electrical power of 1,044.50 (MW).

The Asco nuclear power plant is located in the municipality of Asco (Tarragona) to the right of the Ebro river. It is a PWR-type power plant and has two reactors, both managed by the Asco-Vandellós II Nuclear Association, AIE. (ANAV) but with different owners. The cooling system of this plant is based on a natural draft tower, two forced draft batteries and the Ebro river .

  • Ascó I, this reactor began commercial exploitation in 1984 and has a power of 1,032.50 (MW). The sole owner of this sector is Endesa Generacion SA (100%).
  • Ascó II, however, began commercial exploitation in 1986 and has a power of 1,027.21 (MW). Reactor two is managed by two owners Endesa Generacion, SA (85%) and Iberdrola Generacion Nuclear, SA (15%).
Cofrentes nuclear power plant

The Cofrentes nuclear power plant is located in Cofrentes, a municipality of the Valencian Community , it was built on the right bank of the Júcar river , from which it takes the water to be cooled. This plant is of the BWR type and has only one reactor with a power of 1,092.02 (MW), thus being the main source of generation in the Valencian Community. In fact, in the last year it represented 46.4% of the total according to data from the Spanish Electricity Network (REE), and it has continuously assumed between 3% and 4% of the energy demanded at the national level.

The commercial exploitation of the only modesty of the plant began in 1985 and its sole owner and operator is Iberdrola Generacion Nuclear, SA The Cofrentes plant Since its commissioning, this plant has been considered one of the most reliable, since It is free of CO2 emissions and has a very stable operation (it has operated for more than 11 years without reactor shutdowns), all thanks to the modernization and investment that has been made in it.

The Vandellós nuclear power plant is located in the municipality of Vandellós and Hospitalet del Infante (Tarragona) . It is a PWR type plant that has two reactors, one in operation (Vandellós II) and the other in a latency period (Vandellós II). The reactor in operation began operating in 1988 and has an electrical power of 1,087.14 (MW), operated by the Ascó-Vandellós II Nuclear Association, AIE. (ANAV) which is owned by two owners; Endesa Generación, SA (72%) and Iberdrola Generación Nuclear, SA (28%).

It has been mentioned that it had two reactors , the Vandellós I reactor suffered a fire in the turbine area, this incident being classified as level 3 (important incident) by the INES scale. The reason why the company decides its definitive closure is due to the high cost of correcting the irregularities that had been detected.

Trillo nuclear power plant

The Trillo (Guadalajara) nuclear power plant is located next to the Tagus River and has a reactor that has been in operation since 1988, being the last Spanish nuclear power plant to come into operation. PWR-type power plant, with an installed electrical power of 1,066.00 (MW) that contributes favorably to the economic and social development of the area, generating approximately 1,300 jobs.

The Trillo nuclear power plant, like the Almaraz nuclear power plant, is operated by Centrales Nucleares Almaraz-Trillo, AIE. (CNAT) and being owners Iberdrola Generación Nuclear, SA (48%), Naturgy Energy Group, SA (34.5%), EDP HC Energía, SA (15.5%), Nuclenor, SA (2%).

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