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Do you aspire to improve your job or find a well-paid job? One of the most effective ways to do this is to invest in improving your training and obtaining official accreditations that guarantee your professional training.

Obtaining an official certification is playing with an advantage. In fact, human resource agencies see them as a point in favor of the candidate. In 2011, more than 64% of job seekers within the new technologies sector acknowledged giving a “very high” value to these professional accreditations. Imagine now!

For this reason , in our center we attach great value to official certificates and we always take you by the hand so that you can obtain them.

Steps to get professional accreditations

  1. Pass the tests that CIPSA proposes in each case, exam, practices and/or project
  2. Specify the exam date at the CIPSA secretariat
  3. Payment of the relevant exam fees. This amount is dictated by the entity that grants the exam, not Cipsa.
  4. In most cases (except for the official SAP certification) the exam can be taken at our facilities, so you will not have to travel.
  5. Normally, upon successful completion of the test, an electronic provisional certification is delivered while waiting to receive the final title at home.

Official accreditations that we offer you at Cipsa

 Microsoft Certifications

One of the best known accreditations is that of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). This certificate demonstrates the user’s skills in the professional Office environment. It is one of the most demanded accreditations today, since in addition to being a plus for any job application, it is also a plus if you need to present yourself to an opposition.

The centers that provide training in MOS accreditations must be centers previously authorized by Microsoft .

If you want to take the course without taking the official test, you will get a ” Microsoft Certification of Completion “, an official diploma where you demonstrate more advanced knowledge than a normal user.

The official MOS  test involves the payment of additional exam fees set by Microsoft, which is the entity that will grant you the certification.

100% of our students who have taken the tests have achieved the MOS accreditation

In addition to this official certification you can also prepare at Cipsa for any other official MICROSOFT certificate. In the MTA certification we also have the satisfaction of having a 100% pass rate

SAP Business Accreditations

We are very proud of the high level achieved in professionalizing our students in SAP courses. It could be said that we have changed the lives of many students thanks to this certification. You have interesting information about the whole process here .

100% of our students passed the SAP Consultant exams!!

ACA Certifications

They are the official accreditations for your digital creation and design products. You can get ACA certification for Photoshop , Illustrator , Premiere , Indesign. ..

At Cipsa we simulate exam tests always with a much higher level, in this way the student finishes the training with a high level of studies.

SAGE certificates

SAGE accreditations  will allow you to demonstrate your high level of training in Contaplus , invoiceplus and Nominaplus , the three most widely used business management programs in small businesses. For the SAGE certificates, Cipsa students have also achieved a 100% pass rate . Do you want to be one of them?

Official certifications thanks to the Business University Project, PUE

PUE, Proyecto Universidad Empresa is a partner of the majority of technology companies that distribute accreditations, and offers the possibility of being examined in its facilities for the majority of certifications that exist today at a business level.

If you need a specific certification, we can get it thanks to this University-Company Project.

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