What are online games

Online games consist of games where several people participate, all at the same time, from different computers. With what transforms into a virtual battle, between the competitors. The fact of being «on line» refers to the fact that they are carried out online, that is, in real time through a network, as we will see later.

Most of the online games deal with guerrillas and commandos, among the characters that the participants adopt. Similarly, there are other online games, which are less violent, but these do not attract much public.

Now, online games can be played with or without the Internet. Because if you don’t have a connection, well, you can play on a local area network. With as many connections as desired. For this reason, only the equipment or hardware will be required and that their system be connected to a network.

On the other hand, we have online games, which are carried out through the Internet. These are the most used, since you can compete with anyone who is connected to the server. In other words, if a person in the United States and another in China is connected to the same game server, well, these two people and many others will be able to share the same scenario.

Many of the online games are born from a characteristic one, which is called DOOM. Game that deals with the struggle of human beings with diabolical entities. This is how the new versions of this game give the option of playing in a group, where everyone fights against everyone, apart from the diabolical entities; Such is the popularity of this true classic of the genre, that a movie was even made with its name. Similarly, there are other games, which consist of battle teams. Above all, those linked to the famous US Marines. Games in which the participants participate in search and guerrilla missions. Where there is an alpha and a beta group. Therefore, two opposing teams.

Today, many of the most famous online games must be purchased. Since their software must be installed on the computer. But this one will only give a limited time to enter the network and play with other opponents. After that, you must pay each time you want to play online.

Of course, this situation changes if you want to play in a local area network. There are game rooms with a large number of computers connected online to allow massive games, and in these cases you only pay for the time you want to play. In any case, as mentioned above, what most excites fans of online games is playing online, with unknown people, hopefully from other countries.

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