Online Publications Design Course

For all these reasons, for this start of classes we have prepared the training you were looking for: an online publication design course that will make you an expert in digital layout .

Find out why the online publication design course is made for you.

The online publication design course is made for you if you are a blogger , writer , or specialist in a specific topic that you need to share online . Surely many times you have needed to create technical material that inspires confidence in your blog or website visitors, such as a digital magazine where you can present your work and opinions. Or a document with minutes that your clients can download and that has a professional appearance , according to the image of your blog or business. Or an e-book that allows you to generate sales and monetize your working hours

To achieve these objectives, keep in mind that the barrier that separates an expert job from another product made by amateurs and that can reduce the credibility of a website is marked by differences such as the fact of offering 100% personalized products and properly designed so that they do not break down. at the wrong time.

Indesign, the tool that will make you a digital layout professional

To achieve the goal of creating unique digital documents, we will teach you how to use the best professional layout program: Indesign . This layout software will be the star of the online publication design course since, in addition to being used to design editorial documents, it is also suitable for formatting incredible digital documents

The online publications design course that we will teach in person at our center in Barcelona in August will allow you to learn at your own pace . The final level of the online publication design course is going to be set by you. Learn everything you need within the 60 hours of the course.

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