• ChemistryThe Importance of Chemistry in Automotive Sector

    The Importance of Chemistry in Automotive Sector

    When looking at a vehicle, we think about design, performance or safety. What very few take into account is that, if today we can drive those magnificent cars, travel by bus or transport goods in…

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  • ChemistryHow were vaccines developed

    How Were Vaccines Developed

    The pandemic caused by the coronavirus, officially known as SARS-CoV-2, has suddenly mobilized the scientific research sector, key to overcoming this situation. Study centers and laboratories in different countries focused their efforts on achieving what…

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  • ChemistryChemical Storage Safety

    Chemical Storage Safety

    Chemical product containers fulfill a fundamental function for the preservation of substances that are used in industries. To ensure the safety of the work environment and avoid workplace accidents that can affect people and the…

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  • ChemistryGlobal Chemical Industry

    Global Chemical Industry

    The chemical industry has had good news at the beginning of the summer . The forecasts to end this 2021 are very positive, achieving an economic rebound thanks to exports. After such a tough year, it is…

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  • ChemistryWho is Isabel Mijares

    Who is Isabel Mijares

    There are proper names that are inextricably linked to the history of wine, but even in the 21st century it is not usual for that name to be that of a woman. However, that of…

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  • Chemistryimportance of chemistry

    Importance of Chemistry

    The world of science, and chemistry in particular, can seem far removed from our everyday lives. Experiments performed by technicians wearing lab coats don’t always seem accessible to everyone. However, the raw science of molecules and…

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  • ChemistryWhat is Green Methanol

    What is Green Methanol

    At present, the uses of green methanol are very varied and this chemical product could even ally itself with the most innovative renewable energies; ensuring that in the years to come, a Europe free from…

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  • ChemistryWhat is Powerpaste

    What is Powerpaste

    Hydrogen is one of the main alternatives to get energy in a cleaner way. However, this fuel presents a rather significant problem and it requires a reinforced tank with a pressure of 700 bars for…

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  • ChemistryFuture of Chemical Recycling of Plastic

    Future of Chemical Recycling of Plastic

    After decades enjoying the usefulness of plastic, humanity has to deal with the consequences: tons of pollution. Until now, the proposal to reduce the accumulation of plastic waste was mechanical recycling; But it is clear…

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  • Chemistrywhat does nox mean nox chemical name

    NOX derivatives for water purification

    Today, environmental pollution acquires a preponderant role in the conduct of world-class studies and research. Many of the triggers for this problem have to do with NOX emissions ; whose expansion is widely overcrowded in the atmosphere, affecting…

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