Pet Frogs And Toads With Important Information

We express the pet frogs and toads. People constantly confuse  frogs  and  toads . In general, toads are warty and frogs are soft, toads tend to walk while frogs jump. Furthermore, frogs are more dependent on water, and for this reason their nursery must be kept very humid, which means that hygiene is very important. Tanks should not remain in full sun and a fluorescent tube would be a good idea.

More Important Information About Pet Frogs And Toads

Diet : All  amphibians  are carnivores, and in nature they will feed on any animal of the right size. In captivity, therefore, they must be fed live food such as  worms , crickets, grasshoppers, wax moths, earthworms, small mice, and  fish such  as guppies or goldfish. Chickens and mice should be fed freshly dead, some multivitamin should be added. Tadpoles and  small amphibians should be kept away from large ones.

Housing : Trying to keep frogs or toads in an outdoor enclosure does not work very well, as populations decrease and disappear, and they are prey to all kinds of animals. However, if you are lucky enough to have a  pond  in your garden, free of Goldfishes, you can enjoy a wild population of frogs.

A greenhouse would be a great place to keep all kinds of frogs and toads, and if you have the right ponds and  plants  , and can be kept at the   right temperature , they will thrive. Temperature and humidity will depend on amphibian species, and reference should be made to the conditions in which they live in the wild.

A   large, well-ventilated aquarium is also suitable. The soil should be covered in peat or clay with 25 percent activated carbon to keep it sweet. Pebbles under this layer, as drainage helps. The nursery must be covered, as frogs can jump higher than it seems, and tree frogs can climb vertically on the glass without a problem.

You will need to build a variety of places to hide with branches, florist bark and terracotta pots.  Potted plants should be added  , both for looks and to provide more corners. The aquarium must also have a pond, which will need  cleaning  at least twice a day. Frogs are aquatic animals, and dirty water can cause all kinds of problems, as amphibians absorb water through their skin. Hygiene is absolutely vital and the entire tank must be carefully cleaned regularly.

Reproduction : The easiest species to breed are those from temperate zones; After a period of hibernation, frogs and toads enter the water in the spring, and reproduce more rapidly than those in the tropics. Males and females are often difficult to distinguish, although females are larger in some species. During the breeding season, however, male frogs develop a dark color on their front legs. After the eggs are  laid , the parents must be moved to a separate deposit or the tadpoles may be beaten. Young tadpoles feed on algae, but as they grow they become carnivores.


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