Pet Parrot And Tips For Having A Parrot As A Pet

We express pet parrot care with examples. You may have come across a parrot with a personality that appeals to you at the pet store. Now you want to buy it as a pet. Remember before deciding that you should obtain basic information about this bird such as how to care for it and other important aspects of its life and customs. Making the decision to adopt a parrot is great on its own.

Proper research is needed in order to select your parrot from over 800 varieties. Some parrot varieties are the African Gray Parrot, the Amazon Parrot, the Senegal Parrot and the Macaw Parrot. Each variety has different capacities, needs and wishes that must be considered before choosing one as a pet. However the right choice is only the beginning. There are many aspects to keep in mind if you want to have a healthy and happy parrot that will bring you joy and happiness for years to come.

Tips for having a parrot as a pet:

  1. Grooming : Parrots are very different from cats and dogs. They do not need to be dried with dryers or spa treatments. To groom your parrot you must keep its nails clipped, its wings and its beak perfectly. Not an easy task to perform, a parrot owner must be trained by a specialized poultry veterinary professional to ensure that the task is done the right way. If not, never try to groom your parrot because it can cause serious injury.
  2. Your parrot’s beak : Be cautious about certain conditions such as the upper or lower beak that grow differently. This can be a genetic defect or product of an injury. In such conditions, cleaning the beak can be somewhat difficult. Some disease or conditions such as fungal or mite infections can also cause these kinds of problems.
  3. Parrot’s Nails : The first thing you should know about how to cut a parrot’s nails is the desired length. For this procedure you need a secure retention system, the device and an astringent powder. Never try to trim the parrot’s nails if you are unsure and do not have adequate training to carry out the task. The cutting device must be the appropriate size for your parrot. For smaller parrots, a human nail clipper is enough. However, for the older ones, an animal nail clipper is the most appropriate. Nails are very important, so you must be very careful because you can cause serious damage to your parrot.
  4. Parrot’s Wings : A properly trimmed wing can prevent serious injury. In an attempt to fly during game sessions, parrots can avoid falling onto the hard ground if their wings are properly clipped. It is true that a parrot with large wings is very pleasing to the eye and adds beauty. Remember that your parrot is a pet and is not in its natural habitat. You don’t want it to go flying, so be sure to clip its wings and do it correctly.
  5. Feeding a parrot: Like humans, parrots need a balanced diet. The balanced diet is 70-80% of the “sedimentary” diet and the remaining 20-30% of vegetables and fruits. Some examples of foods you don’t have to feed your parrot are raw onions, guacamole, chocolate or other dairy products, avocado, and rhubarb.
  6. Cage and accessories for your pet : Parrots need a large cage so they can have enough space to rotate their wings, hold on and hang as much as they want. The best cages for your parrot are the stainless steel ones, without rust or chip paint. These cages are also easy to clean.
  7. Safety: Having a parrot at home means you have to have a safe home for your pet. The toxic fumes released by equipment are deadly to your parrot. The other dangerous objects that can cause serious harm are scented candles, incense, kitchen smoke, cigarette smoke, dusty carpet with aerosols, metallic lead and zinc fumes, electrical cables, toxic plants, hot and boiling foods, and other pets.

Always make sure you have all the necessary parrot related information before you keep it as a pet. Ask your vet for a list of things you need to remember. At first it may not be easy but in time you will be rewarded.

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