Photoshop course

If you like photography and want to learn how to optimize your images to incredible limits, you cannot miss the face-to-face photoshop course that will begin this September at our Cipsa training center in Barcelona.

We have designed a course especially for you, so that you can take advantage of everything you learn in a practical way, whether you are a novice fan or if you have a more advanced level. Photoshop is the most widespread standard in digital and photographic retouching and has a large number of external plug-ins and functionalities of the program itself that will make you relive your summer memories throughout the year.

If you are new to the world of digital retouching…

With Photoshop course you will learn from scratch . You will discover how rewarding it can be to see how in a few days you begin to master the program efficiently. Learning to express yourself creatively is an entertaining and enjoyable subject, ideal for the summer .

With the photoshop course we will teach you not only how the program works, but you will also learn -if you wish- such practical issues as, for example, bringing those old photos that you keep so fondly back to life. With the use of the healing brush , the clone stamp and a few other features, images that were once destined for the trash can be recovered.

Do you want to make an original gift this Christmas? What would you think of an artistically transformed photograph? Whether in pop format, in different gradations of tones or in an original black and white highlighting points of color, from the moment you decide to take the photoshop course your images will never be what they were… They will shine at their best! splendor!

If you have never tried to learn to use this fantastic tool before, do not hesitate to sign up for the photoshop course, your photographs will thank you.

Photoshop course for photography professionals

For you who are already a photography professional, we know what you need:  advanced resources  to make your images masterpieces. Uncover all your creativity with the Photoshop course that we offer you this August. Learn how to use light and shadow in your images, how to resize your photos without losing quality, or the best and most current shortcuts that will save you time in Photoshop.

The limit is set by you and your own intellectual curiosity, so you can make the most of this photoshop course to learn everything you ever wanted from a professional.

Relax and enjoy specialized classes adapted to your level. Transform the simplest photographs into colorful and spectacular montages . Learn to make compositions and create universes arising from your imagination.

After completing this Photoshop course you will be able to apply luminance masks to achieve subtle transition effects. You will learn to take advantage of a blurred effect for your background images  that will give prominence to the front of the photograph, or you will play with different textures and techniques.

There are many photoshop tricks and tutorials on the Internet, both at a basic and advanced level, but one thing is to read the procedure of how to make an effect and quite another is to have the time and patience to learn new techniques without any type of help.

With the Photoshop course that we offer you, you will have a tutor by your side who you can consult when you need it, the most appropriate materials and the necessary peace of mind so that nothing stops you in your learning.

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