With CIPSA and the Php course you no longer have an excuse now that a new course is starting not to learn server-side programming.

Forget those old-fashioned static pages where the visitor is a mere spectator and cannot interact with the web page. These pages were useful a few years ago, when a business could be present on the Internet as a simple virtual “business card”, to show potential customers where the company was located in the real world.

Today things have changed a lot: now it is essential that the visitor of a site can communicate and quickly access updated information. In addition, many companies do not even have an office open to the public and operate only online.

So what is needed is what a website created with php provides: places full of dynamism and with a modern and current aesthetic where it is possible to promote a positive and beneficial interaction for both the owner of the site and the user.

Php as a programming language is ideal to achieve this goal. It works through databases that are hosted on the server and its use provides great advantages.

That is why there are more than 20 million domains that use php right now, and these figures are on the rise.

Discover now why Php has already become one of the most used programming languages ​​to create web pages and the reasons why (if you haven’t done so yet) you may be interested in learning Php right now.

7 reasons to take a PHP course to create dynamic websites

  1. PHP is a free programming language (it has an open source, but protected, non-copyleft free software license). Thanks to this, it can be used for any project for free.
  2. It is accessible to novice programmers. It can be learned in a relatively short period of time and all you need to know about HTML is to learn it. (PHP can be embedded or embedded in HTML).
  3. Websites created with Php are easy to update and maintain. In fact, the popular WordPress blogs run under this language and one of its main attractions is that any authorized user can publish relevant information in an extremely simple way.
  4. Encourage interaction. With Php it is easy to program websites so that your visitors can share information on social networks and can comment on those articles that they consider most relevant.
  5. Being a language executed on a server, the source code is protected and invisible, a great advantage in these times to protect important information.
  6. It is an ideal programming language if you intend to work on your own. Thanks to the wordpress platform combined with a knowledge of php, productive websites can be made in a short space of time. If you do a php course, it is feasible that you can work as a freelance from home creating your own templates or adapting work already done for this platform.
  7. More than 1 million servers have PHP, so you will not have to pay an additional price to be able to implement it.

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