American Pitbull Terrier Dog

We elaborate about American pitbull terrier breed with American pitbull terrier temperament, training, appearance, weight, life spam and much more information about this breed.

Other names:

APBT, Pit Bull, Pitty, Pit, Pitbull

American pitbull terrier Weight

20 – 55 pounds

American pitbull terrier Size

15 – 20 inches.

American pitbull terrier Puppy Price

Average $500 – $1000 USD

Ideal Human Companions

Singles, families with older children, athletes and people who like outdoor activities.

American pitbull terrier temperament

They love to play ball, go to races and perform tasks, Pit Bull Terriers are natural workers, excelling in tests of agility, search and rescue and obedience. Keep them busy and reward them in a positive way, and they will continually surprise you with an optimistic and stable temperament.

Things to know

Pit bull terriers can sometimes show protective or competitive instincts with other dogs and animals. They are strong enough to withstand a child’s play, but strangers and unfamiliar dogs can sometimes trigger their suspicions.

These dogs might not be the best apartment dogs, although as long as they get plenty of exercise outdoors they will be happy. Ideally, a fenced yard suits them best, they need things to do and daily games that stimulate their mind.


A healthy American Pit Bull terrier can live up to 12 years. Common health problems include hip dysplasia and some allergies.

american pitbullHistory

Bred from bulldogs and terriers in 19th century Britain, the Pit Bull Terrier eventually became a useful farm dog and family pet. In the United States, Pit Bull Terrier owners sought to legitimize the breed, and in 1936 the AKC registered them as a separate breed from the “American Staffordshire Terrier.” Today they are one of the most popular breeds in the US.

Appearance . The Pit Bull Terrier has a strong, muscular and alert appearance. A typical pit bull terrier has a head proportionate to the rest of its body, and round, brick-shaped eyes. A thick and powerful neck that descends to a broad and powerful chest, muscular legs that always seem ready to push them forward, and long tapered tails. They can be almost any color.

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