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If you are an aspiring Programmer, it will be very useful for you to be able to select the most appropriate training for your professional career this new year.

And it is that 2018 is exciting and full of challenges for the Programming Profession, since some very interesting technical changes are beginning to be seen.

To get the most reliable and objective data, we have selected one of the most reputable metrics regarding the use of languages ​​and development languages: the Tiobe index

Index Languages ​​Programming Tiobe

The Tiobe Programming Index is one of the most reliable data that exists in terms of usage statistics and its evolution of the different programming languages.

Tiobe updates its index monthly. In the data that can be extracted from its website, it is verified that they give the C language as the winner of the past year, which is in second position, but with a growth of 1.69% in 2018 compared to the previous year.

In the first place is Java, which continues to be the most used programmig language by developers. However, it has suffered a decline when we compare the usage statistics in 2018.

Summary of Data Provided by Tiobe

We show you a summary of the top ten most used Programming Languages ​​in the world according to Tiobe..

4 good options to study Programming Languages ​​in 2018

Looking at these initial data from 2018 and comparing them with previous statistics, we can verify that Java, Python, C, and JavaScript become a very good option for your Programming studies.

Java: Object Oriented Programming .

Essential for creating APPs for both desktop and Web. It is always a good idea as a programmer to stay current in the Java language and master the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm.

C Programming Language: Classic and Universal

The case of the C language is curious, since it is one of the oldest but at the same time most popular languages. The fact that large companies like Microsoft, Linux, Oracle or Apple adopted it already says a lot about it. It is considered the most universal language of all languages.

Python: Bigdata , Virtual Reality and much more

Python has managed to position itself in a few years within the first five places of the Tiobe ranking, and it continues unquestionably on the rise. It is a language that is like a Swiss army knife: it is used for many of the most emerging technologies today: Bigdata, Virtual Reality, cybersecurity… it is even used more and more thanks to its ease of use as an introductory language and even in robotics.


Without a doubt, Javascript continues to be an interesting programming language in 2018. Its greatest virtue is that with it you can add interactive web effects, and it is used in widely used frameworks such as Node.js.

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