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A PowerPoint presentation is a document that will help us convey information during a meeting or exhibition; therefore, when creating it we have to do it in a meticulous way and taking care of every last detail.

To capture the attention of those attending a PowerPoint presentation, we have to make it attractive and eye-catching. To achieve this goal we will use images, videos, and graphics, among other resources.

So let’s start with these tricks to optimize the design of your presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Trick 1: How to Generate Content Automatically.

If we want to practice with PowerPoint, but we don’t have content for our slides yet, PowerPoint offers us a quick way to do it.

We select the slide where we want the content and write in a text box: =lorem() and press Enter. An example text will be generated on the selected slide.

Trick 2: Create our own Color palette easily

PowerPoint offers us for each theme that we can use, its color palette. If we need to modify some of the colors, we have the option to Create custom color palette . To do so we will follow the following steps:

  1. Click on Design> Variants> Colors> Customize colors…
  2. We make the color changes we need and give the new palette a name, and click on the Save button .

Trick 3: Adjust the size of the slides

Sometimes we find that the theme or template we use for our presentation is not the same size as the screen on which we are going to present it. The solution to this problem lies in an option in PowerPoint that allows you to resize slides to fit your own.

  1. Go to the Design>Slide Size>Colors>Custom Colors tab .

In this window you can configure the size, numbering, orientation, and notes of the slide.

Trick 4: Remove background from images in PowerPoint

When we have an image on a slide and we want to remove the background, it is not necessary to edit the photo in other programs. PowerPoint comes with an option to do it directly.

  1. Select photo with which we want to work.
  2. Click on the tab Format>Remove Background
  3. Adjust the box to select the object that will appear without a background and click on Keep changes .

Trick 5: Combine shapes

One option that allows us to improve the design of our PowerPoint presentations is to combine shapes . Imagine that we want the letters of BCN with images of Barcelona as a filler.

  1. First we have to make sure that the shape we are going to fill (in our case the letters BCN) has no fill .
  2. We select the two elements to combine , click on the tab Format shape> combine shapes> Intersect .
  3. We adjust the box to select the object that will appear without a background and click on Keep changes .

Trick 6: add transitions

In PowerPoint we can create some effects and animations to move from one slide to another, they are called transitions . They serve to attract attention while we pass our presentation. We must not abuse them.

We find them in the Transitions tab . There are many designs to choose from, we can also add sound and duration.

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