Products made from waste

Products made from consumer-generated waste are becoming a new trend in the ever-expanding range of eco-friendly items. This ensures that these products have used materials that come from waste that consumers have sent for recycling. In countries like the United States, there is more and more talk about the environmental and economic benefits of this practice and many companies have decided to market various “post-consumer products”. It is clear that the useful life of a material can end in two different ways: in the garbage in the form of contamination or in a recycling center. The most recommended is the second option. Products made from recycled materials

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Products manufactured from waste

The industry can take advantage of the waste generated by consumers as part of its production cycle to develop new materials or products. Therefore, some experts do not consider it recycling, but recovery. The list of products can be very long: used packaging, food scraps or in poor condition, things received but not wanted, such as mailbox advertising, grass and fallen leaves, products that are no longer needed or are replaced by a new model, like a magazine or fashion clothes; broken, defective or no longer working objects, among many others. Products made from recycled materials products made from recycled plastic bottles

Obtaining new products from waste benefits companies that allows them to reduce costs and then offer products at lower prices, but it also represents a great help to the environment, since it prevents waste from ending up in landfills , incinerators or abandoned, thus reducing the consumption of energy and new raw materials. For example, making a ton of paper from recycled material saves up to 18 trees and uses half the water. Products made from recycled materials products made from recycled plastic bottles

We as consumers have in our hands to lead the changes that allow the construction of a more balanced and sustainable world. Help save the planet! Recycle and reuse whatever you can!

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