PUBG HQ ESP APK App – Mod -Download for Android (2022)

PUBG Mobile is spreading its wings all over the world as it is the most popular among Indians. The gaming community in India has developed significantly. People are starting to learn more about hacking tools like PUBG HQ ESP APK to be professional in the game. pubg esp mod apkPUBG HQ ESP APK

The usage of PUBG HQ ESP APK is increasing day by day in PUBG. When the game hit the hearts of Indians, many Indian YouTubers showed up to show off their PUBG skills. The list you are familiar with; Dynamo Gaming, Kronton Gaming, Mortal, etc.

Although we have previously provided some of the best ESP tricks on our website. But as far as current user requirements are concerned, we are back with something new.


Not only does this offer notches, but it also helps the user not to get permanently banned. The name of this APK – PUBG HQ Esp. This is a PUBG hacking tool, which particularly focuses on PUBG PUBG developers. The main reason for developing this APK tool is to offer in-game help.


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Nowadays everyone wants to offer different abilities including clever moves to impress their viewers. Also due to the pandemic problem, everyone is at home and trying their best to attract their viewers and show intellectual moves on the show.

PUBG HQ ESP APK is one of the most popular hacking people requested. Players use all sorts of things like mobile battlebench, mobile hacking arena, mobile host, and PUBG Mobile Autoam.

As you know, PUBG-M-M-SEN from thebest online game. You can spend several hours with your friends playing this game. But as a rule, people feel let down by other good players. They just want a simple game to win or they want an edge over others.

So they use hacking tools but due to the better development of this game they lose their accounts due to illegal activities. So here we are with this tip, developed with the latest technology, thanks to which PUBG-M can hack and use all free skins without any account risk.

There are many features of this tool which we will share with all of you. So if you are going to use this app, we recommend that you know it. So you should stay with us for a while and explore this by reading it.


PUBG HQ ESP APK Additional Information

  • Name: PUBG HQ ESP V1
  • Category: Apps, Tools
  • Latest Version: v2.7 
  • Package Name: com.tencent.mobileqq.pubghq
  • Updated on: Aug 20, 2020
  • Requirements: 5.0+
  • Developed By: HQ ESP
  • File Size: 3.8 MB pubg esp mod apk


In fact, this is a hacking tool developed by HQ, which focuses on PUBGM players. The tool offers you various tasks that you can easily overcome with your opponent. Generally, players use various accessories to perform various hacking tasks which makes it even more sensible.

Accordingly, installing ESP Dirgahau is not root on your smartphones and will not offer various hacks. But it also offers security from a constant ban. We have already mentioned in our previous points that the use of these hacking tools is illegal.

And that can lead to a permanent ban on your gaming account. Due to some issues, the developers are adding this feature to the APK ribbon. The user’s IP and mobile number IMEI will be replaced with fake ones.

Therefore, support for the game may not track your actual data. There are different types of things that you can use in the game, but some of them are quite effective while some of them are useless.

But here you will get all these useful and practical tips for your game. But for that, you need to download the latest version of the Android app first.

I will let you inform the most important tips that you can use while using games. So after reading these tips, you can simply decide whether you want to download this app or not. But here, as a gift, I can guarantee that Wallhack, AimBot and Auto Head Tops will have it.

HQ ESP also offers free skins that people can only get a lot of money for. It offers all these skins for free. You don’t have to pay a penny for a skin, just unlock everything you want and start using it.

There are various versions of this injector that you can use according to your Android devices. If you’re using a root device, we have a specific version for all root device users.

The root version is known as Rasin ESP Dirgahayu. If this is not a root user, don’t worry, we also have a specific version for you. Just download ESP Dirgahau without root. Both are available on this page, you need to download them based on your device.

As you know, when you use a hacking tool, there is always a risk to your account. Therefore, we recommend that you only use a virtual application as a precaution so that you can use it without distractions. We have virtual applications specially developed for the use of games.

PUBG HQ ESP APK is a type of thing available for a mobile PUBG that allows us to see unwanted things like name, health and status of other players.

Does ESP Dirgayuu No Root APK work?

Some websites and YouTube videos claim to provide these changes, and to some extent these tips work. This theme is not recommended, nor is it possible for hackers to download it.

What is ESP Hack and Cheat?

ESP (Special Sensitivity Perception) hints are types of hints that have long given you an unfair advantage over other players. Hacks and all popular games have been exploited by a variety of pirates. PUBG does not exclude scams or spyware. In the beginner game, you can play on the most professional and easy to navigate chairs.

Key Features of PUBG HQ ESP APK

PUBG HQ ESP APK is a free hack that has many great features like Wallhack and ESP. We tried a trick so you don’t have to worry about a thing. The best thing about this hack is that it uses less RAM. PUBG HQ ESP APK

Therefore, the APK file is packed with unique features, containing multiple options. Not only does this give you more tasks, but it also gives you an advantage over the enemy. It is impossible to list all the features below. But considering the user’s request, we have mentioned some of the most important features below.

Two versions can be downloaded here, including APK files, controlled rather than routine.No registration is required to access the features.

Even the player can access all these premium features without purchasing premium class licenses.
The user interface of APK is compatible with mobile devices.
Simply select the option and press the “Activate” button.
less recoil
little cross
no fog
Not available
Without camera
distance reach pubg esp mod apk
no weed

Excellent security tips to hack Pubg

  • Avoid shooting enemies through walls and buildings.
  • Don’t shoot enemies in smoke or fog.
  • Avoid flies and speed tricks. PUBG HQ ESP APK
  • Avoid cheating other players.
  • Avoid using auto aim.

How to download and install this APK on Android?

You can absolutely easily download and install PUBG HQ ESP APK on your Android phone by following these 4 simple steps. In fact, we provide you with a simple and definitive guide to the download and installation process.

Step 1: Download the app pubg hq esp mod apk

First, click the Download button below on this page. After pressing the button, you may be asked to wait a few seconds and stay on the page. After completing the timer, click on the newly appeared Download button. Then your download file will start automatically. You can track your download file right in the bottom left corner of your browser.

Step 2: Go to File Manager PUBG HQ ESP APK

To install the APK file, open the APK file or go to File Manager and find the desired APK file that you just downloaded. Then go to Enable Unknown Sources. This is because when you try to install third-party apps, the Android system will ask you to enable these unknown sources.

Step 3: Install the downloaded app

After activating the sources, click on the downloaded file “PUBG HQ ESP APK”. When finished, the desired application will be installed.

Step 4: Let’s get started!

Try to see the PUBG HQ ESP app icon on your mobile apps. And touch to start. Congratulations. You finished.

How to use PUBG HQ ESP APK on Android?

PUBG HQ ESP Apk works built-in on both rooted and non-rooted devices. So it doesn’t matter. However, you need to download the app available on this website here. PUBG HQ ESP APK

So I’m not sure about other apps. After the installation is complete, launch the tool on your phone. There, you will be prompted to use Korean, Global, or other versions or variants.

Just choose what suits you best or what you wear. Then simply launch the game and activate the cheat in the game.

List of hacking tools

god’s vision PUBG HQ ESP APK
auto aim
magic bullets
wall cut
aerial view
Flying car
high jump

Advantage: PUBG HQ ESP APK

  • The provided app is absolutely safe and secure to use.
  • The installation and usage process is quite simple and easy.
  • This app contains no third party ads.Totally free to download.
  • Use the app without registration.
  • The download process is quite easy and quick to start
  • compared to other sites like the Google Play Store which also does not put you on hold for confirmation.
  • The APK file remains in the system memory/card, which can be repeatedly uninstalled or reinstalled without downloading the app every time you use it.


  • Unlike automatic update, we need to update these apps manually.
  • These apps may not be authorized by the Google Play Store.
  • They may contain some innovations in their design.
  • It can create problems for slow internet owners.
  • These apps may not be validated by Play Store and may contain viruses and trogons that may endanger your phone.
  • Viruses can also damage or steal secret information from your cell phones.

Is it safe and legal to install this Mod APK?

Before providing the file for download, our expert team has already tested the PUBG HQ ESP APK on many different devices. It is 100% safe and secure from any serious issues. PUBG HQ ESP APK

although we never recommend you to install any app or game mod file because we do not own any copyright on that file. use of this app/game is at your own risk.

If you are a desperate Android user or an app/game lover, our website offers many other options for you. Try other notable products like Student ID APK, Trap the Cat 18 APK, Lowongan 7000 APK, Age of Colossus APK, MYKET APK, THIS App APK, LitLot APK, WHOZI APK, Zupee APK.

What’s New 

  • Bug Fixes
  • Upgraded and user-friendly interface.
  • Fixes and boosted the speed.

Conclusion  PUBG HQ ESP APK

So, you have just downloaded PUBG HQ ESP APK. The main purpose of our website is to always provide or share high quality applications and games with you. We do our best to match your interest. Here at, you can find tons of new and updated APK apps and games for free.

However, this tool never puts the player’s safety at risk. However, we would like to inform our esteemed users that the use of such tools is illegal. And if something goes wrong, we will not be responsible for any action.

PUBG HQ ESP is the latest hacking tool with which you can get full access to the game and do your best. So wear it and impress your teammates. Download this app and start enjoying unlimited chicken dinners.

If you want to get an advantage over other players while playing the game, please download this app and share it with other PUBGM players so that more players can benefit from this app. Subscribe to our website for more apps and games.

Also, our download option is very secure, virus protected and quite accurate. However, this is the latest version of the APK that you just downloaded. PUBG HQ ESP APK pubg esp mod apk

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