Ranking to choose Programming Course

We offer you a ranking of the most used development languages ​​in the world so that you can choose the programming course that best suits your needs when looking for a job.

On January 30, 2014, a curious list was published with the TIBOE world ranking of the most used programming languages ​​in the world. And we have good news:  8 of the top 10 are programming languages ​​that we regularly teach at CIPSA.

Do you want to know why this ranking is so important and what will it do for you to know which is the most demanded programming course?

Unfortunately, in the situation of widespread unemployment in which we find ourselves, it is more important than it seems at first to know which programming languages ​​are the most widely used.

This is so because you can take advantage of this information when deciding your programming studies to be able to detect those that have the greatest demand for technicians and bet on those that allow you a possible job placement with them. We believe that when choosing a programming course, having this information can be more than interesting.

There are multiple languages ​​that serve a multitude of different functions, therefore, the choice is complicated. The fact of knowing which are the main ones will help you in that important decision.

So without further ado, this is the ranking of the most widely used programming languages ​​worldwide:

  1. In the first position and without passing the time for him, the programming course in C language 
  2. In second position, and with the title on merit of being the most versatile language, the JAVA programming course
  3. In third position, the Objective C language
  4. In fourth position, which we can consider the legacy language, the C++ programming course
  5. In fifth position, the present of the C# programming courses
  6. In sixth position, the language of fashion, the PHP programming course
  7. In seventh position, the always accessible Visual Basic programming course
  8. In eighth position, the Python language
  9. In ninth position, the mongrel language, C syntax but JAVA names and conventions, the Javascript programming course
  10. In tenth position, the search language,   Transaq SQL

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