How to recognize that the hard drive is failing

Like any other device, the hard drive can also have problems. The hard drive is a component that can last for many years working properly, however you can recognize that the hard drive is failing when you encounter one of the following scenarios:

  • You hear noises while working on the computer;
  • Files mysteriously disappear.
  • When you boot the computer, the disk repair process is executed.
  • The computer frequently locks up, causing the mouse or keyboard to become unresponsive.
  • It takes a long time to open some document or file.
  • Running disk repair (chkdsk) increases the number of bad sectors.
  • Cannot speed up computer performance.
  • The computer is very hot.

There is a difference between an operating system crash and a hard drive failure:

If the operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac) crashes, then it is a logical failure. If the drive is recognized by the BIOS but the operating system does not boot then this is also a logical failure. If the hard drive makes noises, especially when recording data or accessing files, then it is a physical failure.

As a security measure, you must periodically carry out an information backup system. Having a backup and an image of your computer will allow you to recover data in case of hard drive failure.

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