SAP Consultant

The SAP Consultant can make an entire company sing praises about the management system, but can also tip the scales the other way by making employees hate the system. Who is this important piece of the business world that bears so much responsibility?

The SAP consultant is the specialist who professionally configures and advises on the modules of the well-known SAP ERP, which is professional management software for medium and large companies. As you already know, Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP systems are utilities capable of streamlining daily work and making company management more productive. SAP is the leading software manufacturer in the EU and has more than 230,000 customers in 190 countries.

The point is that this business planning system in itself is just a tool, and without a good SAP consultant capable of getting the most out of it, the opposite effect is obtained: instead of the tool being an effective solution, it becomes a nightmare. for employees and those responsible for business management. And it is that despite being a very powerful and effective resource, the complexity of SAP is due to the fact that it requires a good implementation as a result of a successful analysis and management structuring according to the specific needs of each business.

It could be said, making an analogy with cars, that anyone can drive a 600, but to drive a Porsche you need to have a good technique that allows you to control the vehicle to avoid crashing along the way, since the power of a large engine is not suitable for fans.

Get over yourself and get the best out of the business management of any business!

And that is where a good SAP consultant comes in: adding value to a business by optimizing and implementing features that are not usually known by less advanced users.

The SAP consultant knows the system modules perfectly, is able to listen and understand the needs of the company that hires him, assumes that sometimes he will work under pressure -because if a solution to any problem is urgently needed, it must be available ,- and above all he is very conscious that updating and expanding knowledge is vital to stay in the profession.

But if you take a SAP Consultant course, you can not only aspire to work as an employee in a large company. You can also choose to work as an independent professional advisor, billing your services by the hour to companies that need your professional advice on SAP.

We insist on developing the full potential of future SAP consultants, in addition to providing practical training from a transversal point of view, that is, we train future professionals capable of finding Out-of-the-Box solutions, beyond the conventional.
To be a certified SAP consultant it is necessary to pass an official exam called by SAP Spain. Our Teaching Center has specially organized with great detail and rigor a training plan that has the satisfaction of achieving 100% approval of all students who have taken the exam so far.

Natalia Kubaeva, Jaume Montes Cañadas, Lina Marcela Sepúlveda Carvajal and Jose Chiva Navarro among many other students who have been added later already have in their hands the title of SAP Consultant. We would like to take this opportunity to warmly congratulate you and wish you the best of success.

They and they have put tenacity and enthusiasm and have seen their efforts rewarded with their official SAP consultant certification and we are convinced that they will perform professionally with excellence.

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