SAP HR Barcelona course

 After the unprecedented success of the previous training, we have planned to hold a new call for the SAP HR Barcelona course. Check the available places NOW, don’t stay out!

In this SAP HR Barcelona course we will see the complete integrated HUMAN RESOURCES management solution that Sap Business One offers to the business world. This is a complete global solution in the field of business relations with workers like no other had seen before.

SAP HR Barcelona offers companies the definitive tool to manage their human capital. Regardless of its size, location or number of workers, the solution offers the tools and means necessary to effectively manage the most important resource : the workers.


This course will introduce anyone who wants to start in the field of human resources under the SAP environment, but we can highlight some specific profiles:

  • Human Resources Executives
  • Line of business leaders
  • University students
  • Professionals in business administration
  • Psychologists and careers related to the management of human talent.
  • Managers, Directors, Heads, Coordinators
  • Human Talent Analysts.
  • Directors, Consultants, those responsible for the SAP implementation and all the people involved with the human management processes within the SAP system.


  1. In the first place, it will provide us with analysis tools, in order to devise a corporate strategy , involving employees, developing talent and retaining it through management, through a good offer, built on the basis of HR.
  2. Achieve a significant reduction in costs , with the personnel item being one of the most important and most sensitive to manage, increasing efficiency by automating a large number of processes.
By using an organizational structure to drive workflow, security and job management, you can ensure that the right people can access the right information.

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