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A Sap system could be the secret of the German soccer team to have achieved victory in the 2014 World Cup. It seems that the technological implementation of an application called Match Insights has been partly responsible for this surprising positive result.

And it is that the company, sponsor for a year of the German Football Association (DBC) put great interest in being able to provide the team with the latest technologies in terms of Big Data. For this reason, they expressly designed a custom SAP system executed on the SAP HANA platform that has allowed the German team to establish an exhaustive analysis of the rival teams.

In this way, even working with maximum tension already within the important World Cup competition, the SAP system has provided the necessary and definitive strategies to take on the challenge with absolute confidence, sharing complex and important data in an extremely agile way.

As a curiosity, the company also showed game statistics from its Twitter @SAPsports, where they expressed their joy after the pressure of the game and the victory of the team (and the SAP system!)

Lately social networks have echoed the possible reasons why Germany has won the World Cup. From the joke that showed that the two finalist teams were precisely the native countries of the two living Popes (Argentine one, German the one already retired) to the speculation that the Germans have won thanks to the practice of Yoga. But of all these arguments, it must be recognized that in the end the most viable to achieve success could be this meticulous application of winning strategies provided by the SAP system.

Here is a video where you can see to what extent this innovative ERP can be effective in anticipating the behavior of opposing players and being able to advance in the game. In view of the result, the company has shown its detractors that betting on a SAP system is betting on success.

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