Sea wasp jellyfish can kill in 3 minutes

Among the mainland animals, the most poisonous animal may be the coastal taipan snake, which lives in some deserts in Australia . But, in the waters of that same country we find the most poisonous animal in the ocean: the one known as the sea wasp. The sea wasp or box jellyfish is a jellyfish capable of killing a person only through contact. It is considered the most poisonous jellyfish on the planet. The main part of the body (which is known by the name of umbrella because its shape resembles an umbrella) of the sea wasp has an almost square shape, it is blue and green in color, but translucent, which makes it very difficult to distinguish them. at sea, which increases its danger: a very poisonous and almost invisible animal. Its tentacles can reach three meters. The terror of the bathers.

Jellyfish are one of the oldest species that still inhabit the planet. In other words, they are an example of survival. Scientists around the world study them for different purposes. Although it is not easy to catch some species, since it is unknown how they live and where they usually move, according to a study in National Geographic magazine, sea wasps become more deadly with age. Young girls hunt shrimp and other small animals. They have venom in 5% of their stinging cells. But, the adults have it in 50%, which allows them to hunt larger prey. In fact, their simple touch can kill a human being in just three minutes. A group of researchers in Darwin, Australia, is trying to get to know these deadly animals better. During a few months, they approach the Australian coast and scientists can collect some specimens for study. Later, the jellyfish disappear and it is unknown where they go. Scientists remove the venom and extract the DNA of the sea wasp to compare it with that of other species that live elsewhere on the planet.. Some species of jellyfish are migrating to the coasts and their population is increasing. It can be a real problem in the future.

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