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We explain that what are the examples of search engines? There is a large amount of information on the internet, articles, electronic magazines, business and personal pages, so it is very difficult to find the information you are looking for directly.

A search engine or internet search engine is a computer system that performs the task of locating the pages that exist on the network and saving data on them, in this way when you want to find some particular information, the search engine is asked to present us all pages that contain the topic that is being requested.

Search engines work based on robots that search all internet pages and store the information found in them based on some keywords, storing information about the pages visited.

When a search is made in an internet search engine , it consults its database and presents a list with the addresses of the sites that contain something related to the requested query.

Examples of Internet Search Engines

  • Google ( Possibly the most used search engine on the web, it is a search engine based on robots that obtain the pages that exist on the internet.
  • Yahoo ( Another of the search engines most used by users worldwide. As in Google, it searches images, videos, web pages and text files found on the web.
  • Bing ( This search engine owned by Microsoft that allows you to filter your search by eliminating adult content, offering safe search for children.
  • WolframAlpha ( Unlike search engines like Google or Yahoo, this one answers questions directly on almost any topic.
  • FooFind ( This is a search engine for files of any extension, be it music, movies, or executable programs. Your server scans on direct download servers.
  • CCSearch ( This is a very complete search engine that works on portals and that allows you to obtain multimedia content to use, it only indicates what you are looking for and the type of license that is required.
  • Hispavista ( Portal and internet search engine widely used by Spanish-speaking people. This search engine works based on robots or by directly nagging the URL of a particular page.

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