What is a Search Engine

Search Engine Definition

Search engine also known as search engine is a web-based tool that allows users to locate information on the Internet, using keywords called “keywords” as input, which provides a list of documents (links) in which the requested information is found. . When a search is performed, the search engine checks information databases and returns a list of Web addresses that match the keywords requested.

What is a Search Engine for?

Search engines are useful for searching on specific topics or sites as they access a large number of pages. Different search engines show different results.

Parts of a Seeker

A browser is a coordinated set of programs that include:

  • A spider, also called a “crawler” or a “bot” that goes to each page or representative pages of each website that it wants to be consulted and reads it, using hypertext links on each page to discover and read other pages of a site .
  • A program that creates a huge index, sometimes called a “catalog” of the pages that have been read.
  • A program that receives your search request, compares it to the entries in the index, and returns the results to you.

Search Engine Ranking

Search engines can be classified into two:

  1. Thematic indexes : Directory-type Internet search engines. They are search systems for topics or categories hierarchized on the Web made “manually”, they work just like any existing directory.
  2. Search engines : They operate through robots or spiders. They are keyword search systems. Search engines allow you to retrieve information from discussion groups, interest lists, Web pages, etc.

Examples of search engines

Among the most popular are Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Altavista.

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