The importance of segmentation in Digital Marketing

What is segmentation?

Segmentation, as the word says, is to create or divide groups of Clients/Users who may be interested in our business/product/service and group them, with the ultimate goal of adapting our content (in this case Digital) to try to reach them more effectively. .

How can segmentation help us?

I usually use the following example with clients and students. Imagine that you enter a room and you have to sell/promote your products or services to a person who you know is there, but who you do not see or hear because they have blindfolded you.

I’m sure many of you can think of a “speech” for these cases, but don’t you think it’s more useful if you know the person you’re talking to? If you are a man or a woman, if you have children, if you are of an approximate age, if you look sedentary or athletic, if you take care of yourself and perfume yourself or if, on the contrary, you do not seem to care about your appearance, all these are indicators (sometimes subconscious) What kind of person are we talking to?

In the case of an athlete, it is much easier to be able to talk to him about perseverance or effort, to a “flirtatious” person it is much easier to talk about the importance of image or appearance, to a person with children, it is much easier to convince him of the importance of the future, ecology or the new generations.

Classic Segmentation

This is the segmentation that we have all been taught or at least it sounds like:

  • Person from 15 to 35 years old
  • Woman
  • Single
  • Medium-high purchasing power
  • shoe buyer

This type of target audience is in many cases the minimal information that is provided to the departments/agencies in marketing about our “ target ”.

It’s better than nothing, on that we agree. It is even how they continue to segment tools such as Facebook Ads and many others, but I invite you to create an article or social publication for this specific audience.

Perhaps you are out of series, but a priori it will be quite ambiguous and not very personalized.

Let’s nuance a little more.

Type of segmentation or specific Target: Buyer Persona

This type of audience (which I personally met through the Inbound Marketing methodology , I don’t know if it was earlier) provides us with much more information despite the fact that in many cases it is fictitious or an extrapolation of several of our current/past/ideal clients.

Let’s get into the matter for those of you who don’t know:

The Buyer persona is a segmentation of the public that allows us to create an example of a Person to whom we direct our content/product/strategy with much more detail.

As we mentioned before, we are going to try to enter the room to offer our services with much more information.

Below I attach one of the buyer personas that we use as an example and you will be able to understand in more depth what we mean.

You can find many more examples on the internet, although many of them in English, but with Daniel Suarez as an example, we are going to consider the case study of the room again, but this time, despite the blindfolded eyes and all the handicaps that this means in a sale, such as the reactions of the person, their mood and many more, we are going to try to offer our digital marketing services to Daniel.

First we would talk about your great business idea, how we could help you make what is now an idea a reality and test the public’s reaction to it.

We would tell you that the website is possibly the pillar of your strategy, since whether it is direct sales (we would offer you an e-commerce or a “catalog” type website) or a service, where we would offer to show you success stories, the proximity of its service, the customization it can offer and much more.

In the same way, since we know that you attach great importance to the user experience of your customers and the closeness of your business (feedbacks, person to person) we will offer you a Social media strategy or that you can manage it (under budget) or that we can manage ourselves with your feedback (we will make you feel part of the project and we will save you time or know-how that you currently do not have).

Decision making of our Buyer Persona

Analyzing what the keys are for your decision making, we will have a great impact on the closeness and knowledge that we can contribute to your business, we will have an impact on the ROI (Return on Investment) that you can obtain in the short-medium term and we will offer you the security of that does not have to have a permanence of payments/services, at any time you can cancel our services without cost and being the holder of all the information, work, keys and originals of everything that has been created.

These are some of the examples of how without knowing someone (since Don Daniel Suarez is an invented character) we can offer our Buyer Persona through digital content our products or services to someone, thus becoming an implicit part of the message or that he feels that this message/post is written just for him, for his current case and meeting his needs and requirements.

We could go on forever with examples and sales arguments for this profile, but this is a matter for each one and what their ideal Buyer Persona profile is, in the same way I will tell you that you can have a variety of these profiles (one for each service , communication channel, Phase of the Customer Journey, etc)

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