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SEO Barcelona is a sector in constant growth and of great interest. In Barcelona there is a large concentration of companies and people – whether they are professionals or not – who use the Internet to promote services, businesses, or simply get extra money through advertising on a pad. And all of them share a great need: It is vitally important to define an effective positioning marketing strategy that helps them be visible in the eyes of customers and generate traffic that can provide real benefits.

This is possibly the main purpose of SEO techniques , to be able to ensure that when someone performs a search in any online search engine, our page or blog appears in the first results. Although in reality the important thing is not so much the global visibility as the segmented one that provides us with quality traffic . This desired traffic -also known as target at the business level- is the reason for being and the roadmap of the SEO expert.

But… What to do when an element as important as SEO – which helps us achieve this long-awaited visibility – changes and unexpectedly takes you to the abyss of the last pages of Google?

To save this situation, specialists trained in SEO Barcelona are needed who are capable of turning the tables and recovering the desired positions and the expected benefits.

Therefore, if you have a personal blog and want to improve your positioning strategy to increase the profitability of the hobbies you share online , taking this course that we are proposing today will give you the resources you need to manage yourself and improve SEO. of your site.

But if, in addition to using it for your own interests, you want to dedicate yourself professionally to advising in this sector, taking an SEO Barcelona course will help you grow professionally and will be of invaluable help.

You have already been able to see why it is a good idea to take an SEO Barcelona course, now we would like to present you how you can take this course with all the facilities, taking advantage of our experience in the world of training.

SEO Barcelona Course Methodology

We are very pleased to be able to offer you this course, since we have prepared it with all the details in mind so that you have a practical and modern training . And above all we help you understand all the concepts in an easy and comprehensive way.

The SEO Barcelona Course is a semi-face-to-face training. The first part of the course takes place at our CIPSA center on c/Urgell in Barcelona. It consists of 4 face-to-face classes lasting an hour and a half with an SEO/SEM professional with extensive and recognized experience .

In these first classes you will learn the most innovative SEO techniques. They will be a unique experience that will provide you with the necessary foundations to undertake a personal practice that will help you pass the SEO Barcelona course .

Later, in the remaining 14 hours of the course, you can come to class during CIPSA’s open hours to the public: from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Here you can study with peace of mind and the materials you need, as well as you can consult your doubts with a tutor who will guide you and help you with whatever you need.

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