What is Soft copy or Soft Copy

The term Soft Copy is English for “ soft copy ”. A soft copy is an electronic copy that contains certain types of data . Information that can be viewed on a computer screen and sent as an e-mail attachment is an example of an electronic copy.

An electronic copy is a document saved on a computer. Which can be opened and edited with a software program. Soft copies can be sent by e-mail or over the web, making them a more efficient and lower cost option.

Advantages of a soft or electronic copy:

  • They can be easily transferred between computers via hardware such as USB drives, CDs, or the Internet.
  • They can be easily changed, because they are still on the computer. Just open the file and edit the document.
  • Multiple copies or backups of the document may be obtained.
  • Greater security, you can enter a password to open or modify the document.
  • It can be used for visual presentations of business proposals, financial statements, or sales projections.

Disadvantages of a soft or electronic copy:

  • They are susceptible to loss. Computer viruses or accidental deletion can cause a file to be completely deleted.
  • If multiple people have access to the same document, change control can be lost.
  • Electronic copies do not have the same legal value as hard copies, due to the possibility of alteration.

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