10 Differences Between Software and Hardware

There are several differences between software and hardware. Below we list the ten main differences that will help you effectively distinguish what distinguishes these two elements.

  1. Software is intangible, while Hardware  is tangible, that is, hardware can be touched or felt with the hands, while software cannot be touched.
  2. Software is the  logical part  of a computer, Hardware is the  physical part , it is the computer itself. Software is the brain of a computer. Hardware  is your body.
  3. Software are programs that run on hardware. It is a set of instructions or programming code. Hardware cannot be contained within software, as it refers to the physical components of the computer, such as the  CPU , memory, hard drive, etc.
  4. Software has no  useful life time , while software has a  maximum  life time ( equipment depreciation  ).
  5. Software can be uploaded to or downloaded from the Internet, while Hardware cannot, but the latter serves as a medium for either uploading or downloading software from the network.
  6. Software can be contaminated with  malicious code   such as viruses. Hardware is not affected by viruses, but can be  physically damaged .
  7. Software implements algorithms (problem solutions) that allow the computer to complete much more complex tasks. Hardware is limited to specifically designed tasks that, taken independently, are very simple.
  8. Software uses at least one hardware device to operate. Hardware is what allows an application to work.
  9. Software provides a graphical interface for people to use the computer and other software on the computer. Hardware  is the physical interface that allows people to enter data into the computer and read information received by any program.
  10. Software is installable and/or executable, hardware is assembleable, that is, it is made up of one or more parts that can be joined manually.

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