What is the Software Classification

The software of a computer system does not have a physical presence, it is stored in digital format within the memory of the computer. There are different types of software, generally the software is classified into three main groups:

  1. system software
  2. app software
  3. programming software

System software  is software used to manage and control hardware components. The system software will take care of the proper functioning of all the components of the computer, as well as the tools to speed up the computer, and programs to keep it safe from viruses. There are several types of system software like:

  • Operating system software
  • Software Utilities (Antivirus)
  • Device management software (drivers)

Some examples of system software are: operating system, compilers, interpreters, assemblers etc.

Application software allows the user of the system to complete one or more tasks. There are several categories of application software:

  • Software of purpose general (office Word, Excel, etc).
  • Special purpose software (educational systems, medical, etc.).

Some examples of application software are: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point, etc.

Programming software  allows application developers to use the necessary programming languages ​​to create, maintain, or run programs. There are several types of programming software such as:

  • Programming languages
  • library programs
  • Software Translator (Compiler, Assembler, Interpreter)

Some examples of application software are: Microsoft Visial Basic, Cobol, RPG, C++, etc.

Computer applications falls into three basic categories; System software or operating system, application software and programming languages. We generally use the applications on a daily basis. These applications are themselves created using programming languages.

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