What are the Software Distribution Methods

Types of software distribution methods: Application software can reach the end user in various ways, the classification of software methods are: retail and OEM distribution, Freeware and Demoware.

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Retail Software

Retail software distribution is a method in which the end user can acquire an application by purchasing it from a computer store. The retail software is packaged and contains a CD, installation instructions, and user manual. Example Microsoft Office.

Software OEM

Commercial software is distributed massively to computer manufacturers, who install the application on the computer in order to sell it, an example is the operating system that needs to be installed on the computer for it to work.


Types of software distribution: Users can purchase and download a shareware application from the Internet. Examples are the full versions of Real Player, MP3 Player and some games.




Types of software distribution methods: Software that is free to download but maintains copyright. Example: The Real Player trial version.

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A free demo version that does not include all the key components of the software.

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