What is software

Software Definition

Software refers to the programs and data stored on a computer. In other words, they are the instructions responsible for the hardware (the machine) to carry out its task.

The language used by the software to communicate with the hardware is binary, it comes in the form of instructions which are executed by each of the hardware parts (monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, CPU, CD-ROM, hard drive). , etc.)

What is it for?

The main function of the software is to execute and interpret programming routines that allow it to communicate with the computer’s hardware. Software applications also allow you to manipulate documents, images, video, create websites, manage databases, etc.


Software is classified into three basic categories:

  1. System software
  2. app software
  3. programming software

System software

It is the basic software or operating system. It is a set of programs that control the work of the computer or computer. It is responsible for managing and allocating hardware resources.

app software

They are the programs that control and direct the different tasks that computers perform. Creating a friendly environment between the pc and the user. They perform word processing, database management, and the like.

programming software

They are the programming languages, interpreters, compilers, and similar applications used by system developers.

How is it created?

Software is developed by one or more computer programmers who write the instructions used in the application using a programming language. Individual routines (scripts), stand-alone programs, or packages containing a compiler can be written.

Editors, debuggers, and other tools for multiple languages ​​are used to write applications. Once the program is complete, it is compiled into a language that the computer can understand.

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