Solidarity Courses

Did you know that life expectancy in Mozambique is only 38.5 years? 40% of the population of Ibo is under 14 years of age, for this reason, by helping this generation of children we can contribute to positively changing the life of this small coral island.

This year we wanted to go a little further and offer our disinterested help to offer tangible and useful resources that this Spanish NGO needs.

So during the 2016 academic year we will incorporate this solidarity objective in the courses likely to create, thanks to the training practices, these interesting resources. If you wish, you can also participate.

What can you contribute in solidarity courses?

Well, this collaborative system that we will implement in 2016 will serve to create professional flyers , brochures on the Foundation’s activities in Ibo, Christmas cards , video subtitles ,… And all of this, in addition to being an altruistic and generous help, can become an element interesting for your resume.

What training is included in the solidarity courses?

The solidarity courses that will participate with their internships in this exciting project will basically be the design courses, such as the Photoshop Course . In addition, you can also collaborate with the practices of the following courses: Illustrator, Indesign and web pages.

This proposal of solidarity courses is not compulsory nor does it presuppose additional work, it is an optional option in which you can choose your voluntary and free participation.

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